How To Make Your Wardrobe VIP Ready

While every wardrobe can make you look like a VIP, only with mindful shopping and living can your wardrobe make you feel like a VIP. It takes time to develop and explore your personal style until you find something that feels as natural as breathing.

So how can you find your brand, like Paris Hilton has done, on a budget?

Every style and every budget can look and feel better with just a few easy updates. You’ll get more out of your closet, and you’ll look far more polished and put together just by following these top tips:

  • Practice Patience

Knowing you want something and being patient to find the right piece is going to make the single biggest difference when it comes to your wardrobe. Being patient to find the perfect piece, and most importantly, saving up while you wait, will mean being able to invest in the perfect pair of women’s cowboy boots that win you over every time you see them instead of buying an okay substitute just because it’s there at the moment.

Patience means slowing down your consumption and instead of buying pieces that win your heart and are better made.

·       Tailor Your Items

Unless the item in question was made just for you, there is the risk that it might not fit you perfectly. Bring your items to a tailor to get them fitted to you properly, and you will immediately look a thousand times better.

·       Clean and Treat Them Properly

You do not have to dry clean everything, but knowing how to properly clean, reshape, and mend your items can make them look incredible for far longer. Don’t forget to treat them when and where appropriate either.

·       Be Creative

There is no right or wrong way to dress like a VIP, but there are ways to dress better. The best way to dress better for you is to get creative. Spend a day going through your wardrobe and challenging yourself to make new outfits. Use dresses as skirts or tops, and unexpected layer pieces like a dress over your pants. Mix patterns, mix colors, and mix styles. A lot won’t work for you, but some new ideas will, and that is how you stand out and feel amazing in your wardrobe.

·       Accessorize

Accessories are so important when it comes to pulling a look together. It is the final flourish that takes any outfit and immediately makes it into something VIP-worthy. You can take a basic jean and t-shirt look and elevate it with those statement cowboy boots and a necktie. You can take that day look and make it night worthy with a change of shoes and bag.

Accessories are powerful, but you need to use them mindfully. A good way to do this is to keep them minimal (not in design, but in how many you use). Make some accessories pop, others fade into the background, and have fun. Explore once again how you can use accessories to change a single look to get a better understanding of what you have and even what you need in your wardrobe for the future.



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