Vision Art presents APOS and you’re invited!

It’s been a long time since London felt like a vibrant city packed with art exhibitions, film premieres, late night after-parties and general naughtiness but we’re delighted to report that one brave man is starting the trend to revitalise the city.

Hichem Hamerras Toure is running an immersive art and fashion from 29 August – 1 September and everyone is invited to drop in.


Each room of the event space has a different theme, so you’ll escape reality and leave all your worries behind you and focus solely on the art.

But there’s no need to worry about safety as the gallery is limited to strictly 40 people at a time, there will be temperature checks on the door and there’s a large garden – complete with gin bus! Yes, Hichem is so cool that he doesn’t do a bar, he does a bus.

Hichem Hamererras Toure explains the concept: “Born in the French capital, I was fortunate to be surrounded by museums, historical monuments but also by these large avenues in popular districts displaying renowned designers. As a child, I had this dream of being able to express myself and free to think like those big names that inspire me, not to mention Alexander McQueen, Philipe Starck, Gerard Richter, and many others. These idols made me want to create since my childhood, but today it is with you that I want to share my vision.

From Paris to London, my desire to create grew every day, it was time for me to release my desires. In both painting and fashion design, I was finally able to rediscover myself by creating and innovating. Today I would define my art as futuristic and sociological. My universe comes from the vision I have of the future and its populations, but always with an emotional and personal reference.

Each piece that I create comes from my perception of our world, and from the projection that I have of a future dramatic see post-apocalyptic, if the Man does not wake up or if not, when and how will it have changed?

A phrase that I have been repeatedly told is: time does things well. So I asked myself how time could impact my vision. As an artist, I find it fascinating to take an interest in it. impact of art or of shared thought. To discover oneself while being imprinted with what surrounds us. All of this defines the evolution of our space and its future perception. ”


The event is open to the public from 2pm to 10.30pm from Sat 29th until Monday 31st and from 10am to 5pm on Tuesday 1st Sept.

Just show up to Hoxton Arches, 402 Cremer Street, London E2 8HD and you’ll either be let in straight away or face a short wait.

Jackets and paintings can be bought as art and reserved over the weekend, and Hichem Hamererras Toure will be on-site to take bespoke orders for jacket customisation. Jackets exhibited are sold as art pieces.


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