A Guide To Updating Your Home In 2020

A new decade calls for a new look for your living space. Whether you decide to have an extension, remodel the bathroom or reinvent your garden, there’s plenty of options on how you can breathe new life into your home. Here’s a guide to some different ways you can revamp it.

Tend to your garden

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, take the opportunity to turn it into your own personal lush, tranquil paradise. There are loads of benefits to being around nature for our bodies and our minds, so transforming your garden into a place where you can unwind is more important than you think. If your garden is positioned in such a way that it spends most of the day in the shade, don’t worry, that doesn’t mean nothing will grow. There are plenty of plants that thrive in shadier corners, so it’s worth going to your local garden center and seeking these out. If you get a lot of sun on your garden, you might even want to consider incorporating a kitchen garden into the space as it will be ideal for grown herbs and vegetables. It is so satisfying making a meal from homegrown produce, especially if you’re a keen cook! If you don’t consider yourself to be a green-fingered gardener, don’t worry, you can still create a charming space outdoors. Just make sure the plants you select are low-maintenance. You can ask the staff at your local garden center for advice on what these are or look online.

Buy new furniture

This is a simple but effective way of revitalizing your domestic space and will work for any room in the house. If your dining table is worn out and scratched up from years of use, then purchase a new sleek set. Popular trends at the moment seem to throwback to mid-century modern stylings or bench seating. In the living room, your old couch might have lost its shape and isn’t as comfortable to lounge around on as it once was. You could buy a new one, but there are other interesting seating alternatives you can consider for something really unique, too. Floor cushions can be a fun addition to your house, and they have an exotic vibe about them. Bean bag chairs are also a popular choice at the moment, and  places such as SumoLounge offer a range of different styles and sizes for you to choose from. Whether you opt to try a new seating arrangement or stick to a classic couch is up to you, but purchasing new furniture is an easy option to introduce a change to a room.

Renovate your attic space

If you’re not using your attic for storage, then there is a whole other room you could open up as part of the main living space. Even if you only use half this space to house your old junk or Christmas decorations, there is the option to refurbish the other half. This additional space can be used as a home office, reading room, kids playroom or an art studio, to name but a few ideas. You can make this room into whatever you want it to be, and although it might be a bigger job than buying a new dining table or putting up new wallpaper, it will surely add some wow-factor to your home and potentially add value to it if you wanted to sell the property later on down the line. For these reasons, if you have the budget, then making these renovations is worth some serious consideration.


Another simple solution to fix-up your dull living quarters is to redecorate. Putting up new wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint can bring a room back to life, and the color scheme you have up there now might not best reflect your current tastes. Fashions come and go, and the same goes for interior design trends. Feature walls were a popular choice for many in recent years, and although they still look good, you might be sick at the sight of yours. There are several trends to expect for home décor this year, including simplistic, muted tones that create a fresh, airy feel to the living space. Also, abstract designs are forecast to be popular, as are glamorous styles that have a more retro feel to them. Find the style that best reflects your character and current tastes, and take your time deciding how you want to redecorate so you don’t find yourself wanting to change it all over again in six months. Unless, of course, you like to update your home often and can afford to do so; in that case, you can refresh the place as much as you like!

Purchase small items

For those who are on a budget or simply don’t have the desire to make any big changes, you can always buy small items to add something new to a room. Buying new throws or cushions for your couch can make a big difference. Choosing colors that contrast with the rest of the room could work nicely, but make sure that they don’t clash and end up looking garish. In your bedroom, you can opt to buy a new set of bedsheets to change things up, and there really is nothing better than a pair of fresh sheets for a good night’s sleep! Or you can treat yourself to some luxurious new cotton towels for the bathroom to add some glamour to your morning or nightly routine. Even purchasing new artwork for your walls can make a room feel brand-new. All of these small purchases are great ways of updating your space without having to put strain on your bank balance. Sometimes this option is better because you can treat yourself often to something new.

In the new roaring 20s, you can reinvent yourself a little or continue celebrating who you are, but whatever you decide, reflect it in your home and use this guide for ideas on how you can do just that.


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