Fallen Behind? Get Your Life In Shape For 2020

When you look back at the past year and realise that it’s not been a great one for you, it’s best to just accept that truth. Then get busy planning how to get your life right for the next year!

Here are some suggestions to reorient your life to get better results.

Getting Your Goals Right

To achieve solid results, you have to clear your mind. Then take a seat and jot down what you wish to achieve in the coming year. Break it down into projects and mini-projects that once complete will achieve your intended goal(s).

Once you’ve done this, look at each of the projects and mini-projects. Figure out what steps are necessary for each project. By making lists like these, you take them from a basic concept to concrete actions that you must take to complete them. It also lets you sort tasks in order of priority or that must be done early because other pending tasks are dependent on them.

Getting Your Money Right

What’s your financial position versus one year ago? As the opticians like to ask: Better, Same or Worse?

If you’re in a bit of a muddle and there are items to buy and things to repay, then that’s not good.

To reorient yourself, establish where you stand now. Make a list of your expenses that are upcoming and any bills outstanding where you have a build-up of red notice letters. Bear in mind that if you need a short-term fix, a wageme loan alternative is one way to get a small influx of funds to fix immediate problems and repay it later next year when life has stabilised financially.

Getting Your Emotions Right

If your mind is all over the place because it’s been a rough year, then you need to find ways to settle it back down. You cannot focus or do well in life if you’re all over the place.

Consider taking a yoga class to relax your mind. It’s a better workout than it looks at first glance and has a wonderful calming effect; especially if you listen to relaxing yoga music while you do it.

Another approach is to take up a form of mediation. This is calming mentally and can stop your mind from swirling around to the point of distraction.

Getting Your Body Right

If you’re heavier than you were at the start of the year, then if you don’t start addressing that soon, it will only get worse.

Look at what exercise you’re getting each day and week. Also, what’s your current diet like?

The answers to these two questions highlight what may have been going wrong with health, fitness, and weight gain. Set a plan in motion to exercise several times a week and moderate the excesses in your diet. Both of these will work wonders on shifting the extra weight gained over the past few months.

When you examine the different areas of your life and where you stand, it acts as the starting point to drawing a line in the sand and say, “No more!“ to things that have taken you off-course. Then you can move in a positive direction once again


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