Your Guide To Stylish Kitchens For 2020

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where your family comes together every day for home-cooked meals, and it’s the setting for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas dinners. That’s why it’s important that your kitchen is spacious, beautifully designed and functional. After several years of use, however, you may start to feel like your kitchen is out-of-date, or you’ve simply outgrown its style and developed new tastes.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a revamped kitchen for 2020, then look at these iconic kitchen design ideas to get your creativity flowing.

1.    Brightly Coloured Countertops

A splash of colour can go a long way in a kitchen that’s mostly black, white or grey. It immediately livens up the space and makes it feel more homely and inviting. Try out mint green for a retro look, deep red for something more sophisticated, or another colour that appeals to you. Most kitchen designs prefer subtlety when it comes to colours, but why not let your personality shine through and make your kitchen utterly yours?

2.    Feature Walls

A feature wall is a staple for any contemporary kitchen. Brick, block colour, wallpaper, you name it, it can be your staple wall. For 2020, why not try using vintage-looking antique mirror glass for your feature wall? Contemporary designs can always mix with traditional for a perfect blend of old and new. Instead of having all your walls the same colour or design, mixing one up will change the look and feel of your kitchen completely. Who wants a boring kitchen, anyway?

3.    Hanging Pot Rack

If you have so many pots and pans you don’t even know what to do with them, then a hanging pot rack is perfect for your kitchen. Rather than storing all your pots and pans where nobody can see them, hang them up in the centre. Copper pieces look particularly good, especially when the sunlight hits them. Even better, they’ll be much more accessible. Just reach up, and you’ll have all the cookware you need for whatever you’re cooking up.

4.    Island

Kitchen islands have been around for a while now, but that doesn’t mean they are going out of style any time soon. If you’ve got the space to put a luxurious island in the middle of your kitchen, then why not? They look fantastic (especially if you adorn it with a hanging pot rack), and they provide you with lots of storage space.

5.    Double Oven

For those big family occasions, you need the extra oven space. Instead of fretting about all the different timings for your food, install a second oven! A twin oven set up will make parties and gatherings a breeze; even if you’re just cooking a meal for your family that has a few different components, it will be made much easier with this.

Kitchen styles are forever evolving, but the functionality of your kitchen should always stay the same: to provide good food and good times for your friends and family all year round.

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