4 Ways To Stop Yourself Worrying

Worrying might seem to be an everyday occurrence and simply a part of life that has to be put up with, but it doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, the less worrying you do, the happier you will be. Your stress levels will reduce dramatically, and you will be able to concentrate more fully on your job and your home life, making the most of every moment.

Therefore, even if you do have worries (and no matter how big or small they might be), tackling them and stopping worrying is all-important. Here are some ways it can be done.


Have A Designated Worry Time

Sometimes worrying about something just can’t be helped, no matter how hard you try. Unfortunately, this means that your entire day (or longer) can be disrupted because of your worries, concerns, and fears. It can help if you establish a designated ‘worry time.’

Setting aside 30 minutes or so each day to ‘allow’ yourself to worry and fixate on the issues you are facing can be helpful. It means that for the rest of the day you know you don’t have to even think about the problems you are experiencing; that will all be done later on. The idea is that you will, therefore, be more productive during the rest of the day.

Using your worry time, productively is the best idea of all. You’ll be thinking of the things that concern you, but you can also think of solutions so that you can stop worrying altogether.


Write A List

Physically writing your worries down in a list can also be helpful. This will force you to confront your issues, and you’ll be able to determine when you see them written down just how serious they really are. You’ll more easily be able to look at them objectively, and perhaps even come up with solutions.

A written list also gives you something to truly focus on. You’ll feel more in control when everything is written down, and when you can cross off the items on your list because you have dealt with them, you’ll feel even better.


Keep Busy

When you are able to keep yourself busy, then you won’t have time to ponder and dwell on the problems and worries that otherwise would plague you. This will help to diminish them, and you might even come up with a solution by chance when you’re thinking of something else.

You can keep yourself busy in plenty of ways. Work is a good example – work hard and be as productive as you can, and you’ll stop worrying. Having a hobby is another good idea because it will fill in the ‘gaps’ between work and home when you might otherwise be worrying. Either a physical hobby like a sport or a mental hobby like Diamond Mind Baseball will work just as effectively.


Talk To Someone

Keeping your thoughts and feelings bottled up won’t help you, even if you think you are being strong and saving others from worrying too. It’s a far better idea to talk to someone about how you are feeling. Even if they don’t know how to help you solve your problem, they will be able to listen, and that can be enough to make you feel better.

You can talk to family and friends, or if that is difficult (perhaps you are worried about or for them, or the problem is a personal one that you’re not ready to share), you can talk to a therapist. Talking things through will help, so it should certainly be considered if you want to stop worrying.

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