The Rugged Natural Beauty Of Utah: A Few Places You Must Visit


Utah is a US state like no other when it comes to the rugged natural beauty it hosts. Everything from the vast desert lands to the famous hoodoos of Bryce Canyon seems to have a shade of orange dominating the scenery, with bright yellow, green, and blue in between. To experience the beauty of Utah, though, you will have to pay a visit to the following locations.

State Route 12

In total, there are 27 official scenic byways for visitors to explore Utah in its natural grandeur. State Route 12 mostly covers the Capitol Reef and, of course, the Bryce Canyon, and is often considered to provide the most gorgeous of views, all along its 124-miles length.

The Calf Creek Falls


There are two parts of the Creek, simply known as the Upper and the Lower Calf Creek Falls. The lower part is recommended, as it’s a lot more beautiful and has a really gorgeous, natural swimming hole for people to enjoy. What makes the lower half of the Calf Creek Falls even more beautiful is the presence of ample greenery, which is a somewhat rare sight in Utah. Keep in mind that the place will be fairly crowded because of its popularity and beauty, so if you are looking for a more secluded experience, then you should move up to the Upper Calf Creek Falls, which isn’t as glamorous, but is much quieter nonetheless and offers a great view of the area from a vantage point.

Bryce Canyon National Park

What can we say about the most famous natural attraction in all of Utah that you don’t know already? This is the place to find the globally famous hoodoo rock formations, that look absolutely marvelous at sunrise and sunset. There are also plenty of hiking routes that will take you close enough to the rock formations so that you can truly appreciate why people admire them so much.

Spending at least a few nights in the region is necessary to truly explore not just the Bryce Canyon, but all the other attractions in the region. As you will need to book a Bryce Canyon hotel in advance, the Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel is the best option you have if you are looking for a truly luxurious, no-compromise experience in the area.

The Great Salt Lake

The final entry on this list would have to be the Great Salt Lake of Utah, which is as huge as a sea and even saltier! You don’t have to travel to the Dead Sea to experience floating in a vast water body, because the Great Salt Lake right here in Utah will let you experience something very similar. The views from the beach, in particular, are brilliant, thanks to the mountainous background.

There are plenty of other scenic places in Utah, but these should be enough to get you interested and started on your mission to explore the natural wonders of the state.

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