How To Experience Sporting Events Like A VIP

Participating in sporting events has long been a favourite activity for VIPs, and they often take part in charity matches to help raise the profile of the cause concerned and bring in more donations. Ever conscious of their image, you won’t find VIPs playing with anything but the best equipment and wearing the hottest brands of the moment. Attending sporting events is even more popular than participating, and you’ll find VIP catering and exclusive facilities at most sporting venues.

If you want to play or watch sport like a VIP, you need to be in the right places and have all the right gear. When it comes to buying your equipment and clothing, brands are crucial, and some labels endure while others rise and fall. For example, at one time Nike was thought little of amongst golfers, who favoured specialist equipment suppliers; but a combination of excellent products and smart marketing has made them not only accepted but coveted as a brand. If you’re not sure which are the hottest current brands, check out what fairway woods the top players are using, and the logos on their clothes.

Some of the most elite sporting venues are hard to get entry to as a competitor unless you are a bona fide sports person or celebrity, and even stars can’t compete at some of the top competitions. No matter how handy you are at riding a horse, you won’t get to ride around the Badminton Cross Country course unless you’re one of the best three-day event riders in the world!

On the other hand, you can attend such events as a spectator instead. Make sure you look like a VIP by wearing the right kind of clothing and making sure you get access to the exclusive hospitality areas. For instance, at Badminton, you’ll need to be a member or be the guest of a member to gain access to the best seats and mingle with the other VIPs of the horse world. Racing is another horse sport that attracts celebrities and VIPs from all walks of life, and a polo match has got to be one of the top places to experience life as a VIP.

If you want to participate rather than merely watch, most venues don’t exclude non-VIPs; but you’ll probably find that many places that have a sporting pedigree or are favoured by celebrities charge a great deal more than the more run-of-the-mill venues. It could be well-worth spending money on a VIP style trip to somewhere like St. Andrews if you’re a keen golfer, and if the main courses are out of your reach, you can play the smaller courses and still say you’ve played at St. Andrews.

It’s not just equestrian sports and golf that draw VIPs, but they are some of the most popular amongst the glitterati. Top draws for the great and the good include tennis, boating, and field sports, to name but a few. If you want to live like a VIP, then sporting events are definitely worth experiencing.

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