A Guide: Hosting A VIP Event Like A Pro


Your guest list might not be laden with celebrities and royalty, but that doesn’t mean your private party can’t be a VIP gathering. There are a host of different ways to give your event that Very Important feel — hosting such an event isn’t going to be easy, though. From the food you serve to the entertainment you provide, a lot of thought is going to have to go into this venture.

To see what you need to do to be able to host a VIP event like an absolute pro, check out the advice laid out in the guide below.

Anticipate the needs of your guests before they make requests

VIPs like to have their requests met even before they even make them — this means that you’re going to have to work hard throughout the duration of the evening in order to anticipate what is going to be requested ,and when it is going to be wanted.

To help you out in this instance, you shouldn’t be averse to accepting a bit of professional assistance, especially when it comes to the provision of hospitality. You can’t be everywhere at once — you can’t make sure every glass is kept full at all times — which is why you should source and accept help from a company that provides top rate hospitality services. Event Bartenders are one such company you could turn to. Their professionally trained and certified bartenders will work hard to make sure the drinks of your all-important guests remain refreshed and replenished at all times.

Don’t let anybody see behind the curtains

In order to keep the magic alive at your VIP party, you should do your utmost best to ensure that your guests never catch a glimpse of the handwork that has gone into the event. For all they know, it should have been an effortless undertaking.

To make sure nobody sees behind the curtains and glimpses all the hard work that has gone into the party behind the scenes, you should:


  • Do things, like replenish drinks, without letting your guests know it has happened
  • Pay any bills in an area hidden from your guests
  • Always order more than you think you need to (especially with regards to good)
  • Sort out any problems that you may encounter well away from your guests
  • Sort out any tips you want to give without a fuss


Keep a smile plastered on your face

No matter how stressful hosting your event may become, you should seek to keep a smile plastered on your face the whole time. It’s quite simple, if you smile, so will your guests, and that is the main goal of any party, whether it’s VIP event or not.

To partner your cheery expression, you should seek to make eye contact with everybody throughout the evening. This will show your guests that you are focused solely on them and the experience they are having at your function.

If you want to be able to host a VIP event like a pro, whether you or your guests are celebs are not, follow the points above, and see your event run smoothly without a hitch.

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