VIP Health: A New Way Of Self-Care


A typical day in my life involves photoshoots, pitching to brands and having meetings, answering a ton of emails and writing features for my blog and national newspapers. For me, the word ‘busy’ is an understatement.  So when I get ill, I often struggle to find the time to get the illness treated. Yes, this is me in a ballgown receiving a vitamin boost. (I wrote an article about that for the Mail on Sunday)


I feel like I’ve more chance of getting a snog from Brad Pitt than getting a face to face consultation at my doctors surgery so I prefer asking pharmacists for advice. But when I’m rushing from meeting to meeting and I don’t get a break until I sit down to eat at 8pm, most pharmacists are closed by that time. In the past, I’ve let myself get worse and worse before I’ll stop and sort it out and then I might be forced to take time off. I say past because now I’ve discovered online pharmacies.


After using them a couple of times, I seriously believe it’s the most VIP way to look after your health. You can do it on your terms on your time schedule. And you have access to a talented team of professionals, who will check what you’re buying is right for you. There are no language barriers or communication breakdowns because you’re too embarrassed to vocalise a problem and best of all there’s no queuing. How luxurious is that?

I first used The Independent Pharmacy for an eye infection. When I’m run down, my eyes are the first thing to go and regular eye drops just don’t cut it. I clicked on the Shop By Condition tab on the website and then scrolled down to eye infections. I selected Chloremphenicol 1% as I’d had it in the past for my infections. After I added it to the basket, I filled in a form with my symptoms and uploaded a photo of the said eye. The in-house team then assessed it, issued a private prescription and dispatched the medication in the post. I got in the next day as I’d ordered super early in the morning after waking up with gunk in my eye. Because I treated the problem quickly, it felt better almost as soon as I started the treatment but I continued the course to be on the safe side.

If you’ve ever had an embarrassing illness like Thrush or Cystitis (please, what woman hasn’t) then you don’t have to suffer the pain of saying what you’ve got out loud and risking the rest of the queue overhearing you nor do you have to walk around with a tube of Cannesten in your hand bag, which is just cringeworthy. The Independent Pharmacy dispatches products in unbranded boxes directly to your home so you don’t have to share with the world that you have an issue.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I share anything that makes my life easier and more fabulous and although it’s not my typical fashion, beauty or fitness type post it is something that has improved my life and so I felt like I should pass it on. Have you used an online pharmacy before? What did you think? I swear that once you’ve used it once you’ll never stand in line in a shop again.

Zoe Griffin

Editor In Chief

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