Why Silicone Products Shouldn’t Be Used on The Skin

You may not take a lot of notice what is inside some of your beauty products, but some things may be damaging our skin in the long term rather than making us look good. Many beauty products such as primers use silicone to give a more flawless and smooth look. But what does silicone actually do to our skin? Read on to see why it may be better to find a silicone free alternative next time you are shopping.

Silicones Can Cause Acne

If you already have acne, silicone should certainly be avoided to ensure it does not worsen your condition, as silicone can cause congestion in the pores. Silicone traps anything that is underneath it, meaning any oil, bacteria or dead skin stays under that layer of silicone until you wash it off. This leads to a buildup that can clog pores, causing zits and acne in the long term. If you are using silicone beauty products, ensure your skin is clean to try and prevent this from happening before application.

Silicone Can Cause Skin Dehydration

Silicone may not cause you to develop acne, but the clogged pores can stop moisture from getting released into the skin, causing dry and dull skin. This buildup of debris stops moisture getting in or out of the skin, meaning with prolonged use, our skin will become drier and begin to shed dead layers to rehydrate itself. If you are noticing that your skin is becoming a lot less hydrated, it may be worth switching to a silicone free primer.

Silicone Delivers No Benefits

When we are paying for skin products, we should put our money in products that will provide long-term benefits and make our skin look better all the time. Silicone does not hydrate or provide the skin with anything; it simply gives you a smoother base layer for makeup for a short period of time. Whilst this may be beneficial for some, in the long-term, it can cause a lot of damage. You may want to use silicone for a photo shoot or an important day, but prolonged use can cause lots of problems to your skin. Purchasing alternative products that provide real benefits means you are getting more for your money and you aren’t spending excessive amounts of money on moisturizer or acne products as a secondary treatment because you are using silicone too often.

Silicone Can Be Difficult to Get Off

Have you ever noticed if you use silicone-based products that you have to clean your face a lot more to remove makeup? This is because silicone is heavy and can leave a thick coating on your skin, meaning you need more makeup remover to take off this layer. If this is something you are noticing more and more, it may be time to cut that silicone out your life.

If you are noticing any of these adverse effects and silicone is any of your beauty products, it is time to find a better alternative.

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