How To Achieve The Glam-Punk Look


Rooted in the 1960s but permeating through the decades in different incarnations, the glam-punk look has been sported by rock stars, pop icons, runway models and public personalities the world over. It’s a look that shouts a certain proud anarchy of spirit and carefree abandon that will never die out of sub-cultural styles. If you’re looking to go after the look of 60s punk icons, David Bowie or Kate Moss at their swaggering primes, then you’ll want to follow the steps outlined below to achieve the epitome of seductive ‘I-don’t-care’ chic.



 As only a subcultural style can make glamorous, the hair you’re looking at is a disheveled yet classy balance of woke-up-like-this messiness alongside fairly delicately-arranged strands. For real punchiness, a strip of blue or purple coloration will see your head pop with recklessness and egoism in that paparazzi-stoking kind of way. There are enough ideas here to get you thinking about your particular incarnation.



Rips and Leather

 Think punk and you’ll think of these two features of the style of clothing you ought to be wearing. Ripped jeans happened to be all the rage in 2017 and look to continue in similar fashion in 2018, though the more ragged the tear, the better. When it comes to leather, a battered old jacket from a thrift store, or even from your relatives’ collections, will fit the bill perfectly. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bit grimy or oversized – it’ll just add to the look. Check out some of the best trends from the period to hone your look to whatever you feel most comfortable.


Sew-on Patches

 To complement your leather jacket, you’ll want to design a custom sew-on patch that goes along with the spirit of the look. Check out patches4less with some pre-existing awesome designs and the ability to curate your own, then wear them proudly on the chest or sleeve of jackets, jeans, and shirts to continue with your dabbling in the dark arts of glam-punk style. In true punk fashion, don’t sew it on straight – even leave it flapping off slightly. It’s all part of the careless persona you’re looking to embody.



 The whole look is going to be destabilised somewhat if you don’t bring the attitude along to really pull it off. This shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve tailored your style so far to meet the unspoken regulations of the glam-punk look! The theme is of teen rebellion and excess – of ignoring your elders and having fun – and lots of it. If these are values you think you can ooze as you strut to the club or head to a house party, then you’re well on your way to completing the look and dazzling people around you.

You might be glamming-up for a themed party, a particular event, or because you feel a particular affinity with this timeless look, but whatever your motivation, above are some absolute necessities to guide you into achieving one of the coolest styles in history.

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