Ways To Improve Your Life In 2018


Let’s face it, there’s always room for improvement. There’s always something you can add to the running of your life to make it easier, or something to take away from it to remove some of life’s stresses and hassles. Sometimes you have to quit your losses and start again, and in the long run, you’ll feel better for it. In the New Year, focus on you; focus on ways to improve how you feel, and from there you’ll be far more able to focus on other people, you’ve got to start with yourself and go from there. If there’s one thing that you know getting shot of will improve, then do it, you need to grab the bull by its horns and get on with it. You can always start with the small things and work up from there, get a taste for sorting your life out and, hopefully, you can go from step to step and be in the place you want to be before the end of the year. Follow these suggestions for improving your life in 2018. You’ve got this!




Your Sex Life


First things first, your sex life and enjoyment is important to your happiness. Feeling connected with your partner is crucial, so make sure that you’re fully satisfied this year and that you’re both happy with goes on in the bedroom. There’s simply no reason why you shouldn’t be enjoying good sex, and don’t be shy to mix things up by looking online for gadgets and devices to introduce to the bedroom, the Bathmate hydromax could make a huge difference in the bedroom and bring a new element to enjoying sex. It’s always worth trying something new out to see whether you and your partner can benefit. The key to a rewarding relationship and sex life is exploration and having good fun, so get to know how your body works and what you enjoy.


Improve How You Spend Your Time


Your time is precious, so don’t waste it doing things that don’t help you, or others, in some way. Spend your time improving yourself and less time idly doing this or that and ultimately playing around; instead, get your head down and focus on something new. Improve how you spend your time and try and plan what you’ll do in an evening instead of staying in, get out and walk or visit friends. Spend less time playing video games, and the same applies for your mobile, put it aside. If it’s important you have it with you, then leave it nearby and on loud should someone need to reach you, but having it with you all the time will only encourage you from wasting time scrolling through social media sites, such as Facebook.


Watch Less TV


If you’re bored of coming home and watching the same shows on TV but don’t know how to break the cycle, then cancel your Netflix or other streaming subscriptions, it’s as simple as that. If you have a TV in your bedroom, then remove it, consider just having one in your home. The time you would have spent sat in front of the screen, you can now invest in something more proactive and productive, like getting out for a walk or a jog around the nearby park. You could spend this time reading a book, or a book series instead of a TV boxset, and since reading relaxes the mind, you could benefit from this by getting a more sound night’s sleep. It’s better to spend that extra hour sleeping than sat on the sofa. By getting to sleep earlier, your body might be encouraged to wake up earlier so, in turn, you’ll have more time to let things run smoothly in the morning instead of the mad dash. You could walk the dog, if you have one, in this hour too, and you’ll get an hour of cardio in before work.

Get Organised


You’ll start to love making lists when your plans start to take shape and stay together, you can stick reminders up around your house with simple things like to notes to remember to get certain items from the shop or notes stuck on the fridge or freezer to prevent you from diving into that tub of ice-cream. Think practically and organise different spaces throughout your home. Organise your wardrobe and your kitchen cupboards and from there organise your beauty products and throw out things you’re not using or are past their best, there’s no need to have these things cluttering up your space. Tidy up the folders of paperwork that you’ve been meaning to do for months, do it after a glass wine and whilst listening to music, to take the edge off the chore.


Stay Organised


Organise meal plans if getting fitter and looking trimmer is something you want to achieve in the New Year; organising what you have for lunch and dinner each day can be fun, and you can experiment with new recipes and new flavours. Ensure the inside of your car is kept clean and fresh and clear from plastic bags and food wrappers, these things won’t help towards keeping a calm head and feeling relaxed, so bin them right away. Be consistent and keep your house and other living environments tidy to improve your quality of living and how you feel about the things around you. You’ll feel more inclined to spend time relaxing in your living room if it’s a calm, organised, and welcoming space.


Treat Yourself


If you’re working hard towards your goals, then it’s vital you recognise your own achievements; there’s no need to deny yourself something all year round, so be sure to tuck into a slice of cake and enjoy a pizza with friends. This way, improving your life with some hard work won’t feel so bad. You can treat yourself by saving money too. You could put aside some cash to save for a holiday; even a weekend break bi-yearly would do. Give yourself things to look forward at intervals throughout the year.

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