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With Christmas creeping up on you; it can be an expensive time of year, and eating out most days and evenings in a restaurant environment will not help you save any cash. However, there’s no reason that you can’t eat just as well as most celebs, who seem to be somewhere new or at a bar and restaurant launch party every week (and then some). If you have a well-stocked kitchen and pantry, it can be a breeze to create some delicious homemade meals as soon as you get home. Autumn and winter are also the perfect time to get the slow cooker out, or indulge in some weekend one-pot cooking so that you have tasty leftovers for lunch and dinner the following week.

Every celebrity chef seems to have their own cookbook out, so it’s about finding the food, cuisine and the personality that best suits you, and investing in a few of your faves to fill your bookshelf or kitchen countertop. Making an effort to have a little flick through some of the recipes, or looking online for inspiration, will help you decide what to pop on your grocery list for the weekly shop. It’s always worth stocking up on cupboard items that will accompany an array of dishes too; they be handy to grab, and you won’t have to nip out on a cold evening to get them. The following are some tips and ideas for those who want to get in their kitchen this season and eat just as well as any celebrity.



Label Some Jars

Aside from looking Pinterest-worthy, and something you’ve seen in a photo shoot of a celeb kitchen; putting your cupboard ingredients into a mixture of different sized jars will help you to be more adventurous. If you can clearly see your herbs and spices with their names attached; you’ll be able to grab things that would otherwise get lost at the back of the shelf. You’ll also save money when it comes to shopping for a particular Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson recipe, as you’ll have more of an idea of what you already have. Stock up on your favourite dry items; you can do a monthly haul, and grab things like Super Nuts cashews or perhaps those giant pasta shapes you saw online. Remember that you want your food to be full of flavours and texture that you enjoy, along with looking aesthetically pleasing for all those Instagram pics!


A Full And Fresh Fridge

Writing down the recipe and ingredients for something tasty you’ve found, is a great way to be savvy when you shop. Of course, you’ll be entitled to buy those yummy little extras, but try to be mindful of if and when you’re going to devour them so that they don’t go to waste at the back of your fridge. Make sure that there’s a place for everything in your fridge, and you organise it so that you can grab items to chop up with ease before they head into the slow cooker. It’s always nice to have guests in mind, especially over party season, so snacks and perhaps a bottle of fizz at the ready will be ideal additions to your kitchen space.

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