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We all lack in self-confidence from time to time. Some days, you look in the mirror and you’re pleased with the way your hair looks that morning and, other days, you feel like leaving the house wouldn’t even be worth it. Feeling happy with your appearance is a tough thing to master. You’ll always see some blemish or flaw that you don’t like, and the cruel thing is that it’s probably all in your head. Still, regardless of the number of people who tell you that you look good, it doesn’t change how you perceive yourself.

And that’s the most important thing, at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter what other people think of your appearance. All that matters is how confident you are about the way you look.  The goal isn’t to become arrogant or bigheaded about your appearance. The goal is to simply learn to love and appreciate both your best features and your flaws because everybody has a mixture of the two. Nobody is perfect, but you can still be beautiful with flaws. That’s a bit of a cliché, of course, but it’s the truth. Here are some pieces of advice to help you become more confident about the way you look.



It’s important that we talk about diet, first of all, because many people struggle in this regard. The widespread and completely inaccurate folk myth is simply that you need to eat less. People believe that you need to cut down your diet to the “bare essentials” and lose as much weight as possible. They believe you need to stick to your greens and cut out all the junk from your diet. Only fractured parts of this advice are true but, in terms of your entire diet, this is a very unhealthy way to live. Undereating is just as dangerous as overeating. As we’ve mentioned before, you need to be careful with regards to what you eat, but that also means making sure you replace junk food with healthier alternatives rather than just “eating less.”

A diet consisting solely of vegetables is unhealthy because you’re missing out on foods which contain other nutrients that your body needs. Starving your body might mean that you lose weight but it also means that you’re starving yourself of the food necessary for your survival. Remember, weight is only a small factor of health. If you want to be confident about the way you look, don’t follow a crash diet just so you can lose weight: focus on a healthy diet and achieving a healthy weight. You need all the iron and other vitamins that vegetables offer but you also need carbohydrates from food such as pasta and protein from meats or Quorn products. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, of course. Do some research into healthy vitamins and nutrients you should include in your diet so that your body is sufficiently nourished.



One of the best ways in which you can increase your body confidence is through the things you wear. Fashion has a huge impact on the way in which we perceive ourselves, and you could learn to better love the way you look if you tried out different styles which better complemented your natural figure and appearance. Start off with clothes that look tailor-made to your body; the goal is not to go for super-tight clothing but an outfit which simply follows your natural body shape and shows that you’re proud and confident of your appearance.

In terms of your actual fashion sense, you don’t need too many focal points; you don’t want to distract from the “you” underneath all those fashionable items of clothing. You could check out sites such as for accessories such as jewelry to bring an otherwise-plain outfit to life. Remember, you don’t need to go overboard with the outfits you wear. The goal is simply to choose clothes which look like they fit you perfectly.




Emotional support

Whilst you need to find confidence in yourself rather than depending on others to validate your worth, there is a lot that you and your friends (or family) can do for one another to build up your levels of self-esteem. If you and your female friends constantly find yourselves talking about weight struggles or other issues concerning appearance, you should really work harder to stop the negative discussion, as explained over at This isn’t to say that it’s bad to talk with your friends about the things which are upsetting or worrying you but that you all influence one another more strongly than you might realize. If one of your friends talks about a certain body issue, you might find yourself reflecting on that same part of your body and wondering whether it’s “normal”.

Instead of constantly finding yourself in this negative cycle of self-deprecating conversation points, you and your friends could focus on talking about things other than appearance. You could talk about your accomplishments and the things which make you powerful or fascinating people beyond the way you look. Remember, looking good is all about feeling good, and you’ll feel much better once you and your friends start to reflect on all your positive traits. You won’t be giving one another ideas that there are issues with your bodies. You can start to pull away from that negativity and paranoia because there’s no need for any.


Fake it until you make it.

This final piece of advice might sound like a bad piece of advice from a motivational work speech but it’s actually the most helpful way in which you can become more confident about the way you look. Confidence is all about the way in which you portray yourself not to others but to… well, you. You might not feel very confident about the way you look but everybody has their doubts and self-esteem issues.

The key to overcoming your self-doubts is to fake confidence until you feel confident. Start to tell yourself which parts of your appearance you like when you look in the mirror. Start to improve your posture so that you look taller, thinner, and more self-assured. All of these small changes, over time, will help you see yourself in a new light. Next time you look in the mirror, you won’t have to “fake” the feeling of confidence; you’ll see that all those positive traits really do exist and that your flaws are something to be embraced, as mentioned over at

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