Holiday Health: Workouts You Can Do Anywhere


Staying healthy and getting enough exercise is a lifelong commitment. While it’s tricky enough to cram an hour of workout into an already busy schedule, we often hit the pause-button completely as soon as we go off on holiday. It makes little sense, after all, when we have so much more free time to enjoy.




Do yourself a favour the next time your off on a big city trip or a leisurely weekend away, and make use of these brilliant workout hacks. It’s going to feel so much better to lay flat on the couch when you’re back home again.


Walk more

Daily exercise should be a part of who you are, so your body tends to let you know when you’re not getting enough movement – we get restless, distracted, and even a bit annoyed with each other. Ditch the car on your next weekend away and make use of your legs instead; rent yourself a bicycle, for example, and make it your new favourite mode of transportation when discovering a new city.

Although it feels great to abandon your strict workout regime when you’re on holiday, you should still try to move as much as possible. Walking and cycling don’t really feel like a workout, and it won’t necessarily boost your fitness level – but at least you won’t be out of shape and back to scratch when you’re home again.


Use the hotel facilities

Remember to check out what kind of gym facilities when you’re staying at a fancy hotel. An increasing number of popular hotels in big cities, such as Shepherds Bush Hotel, offers guests 24-hour access to their gym so you can easily schedule a quick workout in the morning and do your best to forget all about it for the rest of the day.

Use those swimming pools too, by the way, and look up the nearest park on Google Maps so that you can go for a jog as well if you prefer fresh air to treadmills.


Map out a flexible workout regime

If you’re serious about your fitness goals, you’ll probably have an accessible exercise routine to use anywhere already. Yoga is one of these, and you can discreetly use a hotel towel if you can’t be bothered to bring an entire mat on a quick weekend away.

Plan a strength-building session where you only use your own body weight, such as simple pull-ups, sit-ups, and push-ups, and remember that every little session counts. You don’t have to push yourself sweaty as you’d normally do in the gym, but see this as a neat way to stay on top of those exercise goals and take care of your body.

When you’re used to spending twenty minutes in the morning for a muscle-building session, and another twenty minutes later for a quick jog, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself on holiday without getting out of shape. Have another meal and that sugary cocktail; you’ve certainly deserved it.

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