Making A Career From Your Weight Loss Success


If you’ve spent a long time burning weight and shedding fat then it’s normal to feel like you’ve been on a long journey that has finally come to an end. You’ve reached your goals, you’re sticking to a better diet and you’re working out more. But what do you do from here?

People are often motivated to do something because of their circumstances. You probably hate smaller portions and worked yourself to the bone just to lose that weight. Everything you did and the people you communicated with probably pitched in at some point to help out—but what do you do from here? The only motivation you have now is to maintain that weight, but if you’ve shed it for a long time and you’re no longer feeling the effects of food cravings, then being healthy is almost like second nature to you.

You need a new goal to motivate you even further and take your success to the next level. Not everyone makes it to the end and you’ve probably experienced failure as well. If you’re looking for the next goal to conquer, then here are a couple of ways on how you can turn your weight loss success into a career.

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Become a Personal Trainer

If you feel like you have what it takes to motivate others into losing weight, then find some training information here. You’ll likely have to study more and take lessons, but it’s a great way to get started in the world of being a personal trainer. If you love to work with others, help them when they’re on the brink of giving up and watch other people succeed, then becoming a personal trainer is the ultimate career for you. You’ll be working with people who were in your exact situation, and the advice you offer them will be absolutely priceless.

There’s nothing like showing a picture of your past self to your students. They’ll marvel at the amazing transformation you’ve made and look up to you for inspiration. Having a personal trainer that hasn’t always been slim is a great boost of motivation to anyone you work with. They’ll think that if you can do it, then they too can shed their weight and look slim, healthy and fit. Keep in mind that becoming a personal trainer isn’t all fun and games and it does involve a lot of hard work. However, considering you had the drive and motivation to lose weight in the first place, you can easily apply that mindset to the studying involved to pass your training course.


Become a Dietitian

Dietitians are experts on diets and nutrition. They specialise in creating meal plans and teaching people what they should be eating in order to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. If you lost your weight with a combination of exercise and calorie counting, then you’ll no doubt have a knack for being a dietitian. It takes a lot of skill and knowledge to know exactly how much food to eat, what the body needs and what it could do without.

Much like becoming a personal trainer, becoming a dietitian requires a lot of knowledge in chemistry, maths and biology. Without qualifications in those fields, it’s difficult to become a dietitian. There are also specialised courses you can take. You should never attempt to become a licensed private dietitian unless you have the qualifications because you could give out bad advice due to your lack of knowledge, or your customers will lose faith in you because you have no real credentials.

Dietitians have a rewarding job because they can help others become healthier and lose weight through knowledge and not so much training and sweating. It’s the perfect job if you want to help others with the knowledge and experience you have, and you’ll pick up plenty of scientific skills and knowledge to help you advance your career in the future if you chose to.



Become a Blogger

If you prefer a more liberating career, then become a blogger or content creator. Bloggers usually write information about their weight loss and post it on the internet for people to see. You can write stories, meal plans or even a book. The goal is to attract attention from readers and your income usually stems from affiliate links or even advertisements. Some people find success in offering private training over the internet, and others like to write books and sell them. What you put in the book is entirely up to you. Some people write about their experiences losing weight, and others write meal plans and dieting tips and compile them into a small book.

Attracting people as a fitness blogger usually involves a mix of talents. You’ll need to define your own kind of writing style and this can usually be difficult if you’re not used to writing for people to see. For instance, you could have a relaxed and friendly tone in order to attract casual readers. Alternatively, you could also speak in a professional tone to appear more knowledgeable. There are many different ways to build a brand as a fitness blogger so it’s important to experiment with different options to find what works best for you. Take a look at some fitness blogs to get some ideas on how you can structure your own.

Bloggers will need to add images and different pieces of advice on their posts, so if you’re afraid of revealing your identity or showing off your body then you probably shouldn’t become a blogger. It takes a lot of time and effort to involved in social media too. You need to try and expose your blog on social media if you want to get a larger audience, so learn to use platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You’ll have to post many pictures, write a lot of articles and respond to comments from your readers. If you don’t think this is something you could handle, then blogging might not be the best option. However, if you’re a natural at engaging people and writing, then blogging could be a fantastic career choice.


Become a Reviewer

Reviewing is another form of content creation. What you review is entirely up to you, but the basics include workout equipment, supplements and even diets. As someone that has lost weight, you should have a great understanding of the tools you use, the food you eat and the diets you’ve tried. A reviewer can be critical about generally anything, so it’s completely up to you on what you chose to review.

You can set your reviews out in a video format, you can mix it in with blogging or you could even apply to be a reviewer for a larger company that works with magazines or other publications. Reviewers generally have to try things for long periods of time so it does take a lot of work. However, you’ll get to play with the latest products, sample the latest foods and give your expert opinion. This career is similar to blogging because it involves building up your own personal brand, but it’s a fantastic way of making a career out of your weight loss expertise. Reviewers tend to get money for the companies they work for. They also get income from affiliate linking if they work independently.


There are many different ways to turn your weight loss success into a career. Some of them require additional studying and others can be done with a bit of writing or recording knowledge.

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