5 Pre-Gym Motivation Tips For When You Don’t Want To Go


You would hope that once you’ve overcome the initial teething problems of beginning a workout regime, everything else will fall into place. You’ll have bags of energy, and the gym or wherever else you get your exercise will be your second home. Alas, life just can’t be that simple. There will be days, more than you like, when you just don’t have the motivation to get yourself up and active. Should you settle for a day in front of the television? No way. Use our motivation tips below and get yourself onto the track, where you belong.

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Give Yourself an Incentive

Never underestimate just what a little bit of bribery can achieve. If it can make the world go round, it can surely lull you out of your sleepy daze and into your workout clothes. If the idea of visiting the gym is too much to face, give yourself an incentive to go. It can be something simple, like watching a film you have in your Netflix queue, or it can be grander: we’re thinking finally buying that gadget you’ve had your eye on for a while. It sounds silly, but scientists have confirmed that this kind of self-bribery is a solid motivation tool.


Quick Energy Boosts

Your body will, from time to time, lie to you. It’ll tell you that you should stay in bed when you should be keeping on top of your exercise. Before you let your body get its way, give it a jolt with an energy boosting product. Buy them from IsaElite, consume, and you’ll have all the power you need to not only work out but work out for longer and harder. There are a million and one reasons why our body might not feel up to exercise, but these reasons are pretty flimsy and fall apart when you’re given some energy!


One Small Step

Getting to the gym isn’t always a battle with the body; sometimes it’s your mind that’ll be the one that’s resistant. In these cases, you can overcome this resistance by doing something elementary: taking one small step. The small act of putting on your running shoes will help you overcome the hurdle. If that’s not enough, you can always take it one step further and sleep in your workout clothes. It sounds ridiculous, but it works.


Find Your Buzz

The gym isn’t always the most exciting place to be, especially when there’s something else fun happening. So what do you do? Bring the fun to the gym! Before you go, load up those epic workout songs on a Spotify playlist. You’ll be bopping along at the gym, and having fun! Who knew such a thing could happen?


Workout With Friends

Finally, let’s not forget the old tried and tested motivator, peer pressure. If you agree to workout with your friends, you’ll have a level of accountability that’s crucial when it comes to getting things done. Agree to meet them there at 9 am, and you best believe you’ll be there ready for action at 9 am!


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