Going Green With Your Diet

Making a decision to embark on a healthy eating plan is not always an easy one. Motivation and confidence are big factors in the decision to take control a portion of your life and work with it to be healthy. If you don’t have either of these, you’re going to fall at the first hurdle. One of the other hurdles to overcome for some people is the fact that they have to eat ‘green’.




Clean eating doesn’t always work for everyone. Let’s be honest here, clean eating involves having to totally overhaul and change your tastes from artificial flavourings and saturated fats, to purer flavours that aren’t always nice! Switching your diet means retraining your brain to like foods that you wouldn’t necessarily choose to eat and if you’re not a lover of salads and vegetables, you’ve an education ahead of you. You can start any lifestyle change or quick diet like the one you find at HCGdiet.com and make it work for you, but you will have to be open minded about the food you will be eating. We won’t pretend bread and potatoes aren’t delicious, but switching your tastes to accommodate new things? Not always easy.



Don’t panic, though. We’ve got some excellent suggestions for foods you absolutely should try to inject a little greenery into your day to day foods, and how they can do your body a favour in your healthy eating endeavours.

  • Avocado. All you have to do is click onto social media and you see the avocado boom that has taken hold of the healthy eating world. Smashed avocado on toast with a perfectly poached egg on top looks delicious but avocados are an acquired taste! Until you try them, you won’t know if you like it so make a point of giving it a go!


  • Apples. Okay, so not strictly a ‘green’ food, as you can get the beautiful red apples as well as the green ones, but apples are an amazing fiber. They are vitamin rich and full of B1, B2 and B6 along with many others and they’re also a fantastic cleaner for your teeth!


  • Broccoli. One of the most delicious green foods, packed with antioxidants, iron and is loaded with more vitamin C than the average orange. Thankfully, broccoli is a very versatile veggie, meaning you can add it to anything from juices to roast dinners.


  • Cucumber. The biggest staple of any salad and sandwich, cucumbers have both ascorbic acid and caffeic acid. Don’t worry, these aren’t dangerous. They help to prevent water retention and can dramatically lower your cholesterol.


  • Kale. As with avocado, kale has burst onto the scene in a big way and you don’t have to eat it fresh. Kale chips are crunchy and have the same delicious benefits as what you’d add fresh in a salad!


Your diet can be overhauled and made colourful with a few simple swaps and adding a little greenery to it can give your body the overhaul you so crave.

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