Selfies and You: How To Master The Art



Taking selfies has become part of everyday life. Whether you’re a fashion blogger and you want to show off what you’re wearing, a fitness blogger and want to show everyone how much sweat is pouring from you, or even if you’re just wanting a new picture to put up on social media, everyone does it! However, it’s a hard art to master because there are so many different factors that come into play, but if you carry on reading you’ll know about them and how to properly control them!


The Technique

How you hold your camera in relation to your face is a very important part of taking a selfie. Depending on what kind of feel you’re going for, it has to be in the correct place to capture what you want! Whilst pointing a camera at someone else to get the right shot is easy enough, doing it to yourself is very difficult. You’re often having to do it completely blind as you’ll be looking off in another direction as a pose, not being able to look at the photo whilst you’re taking it does make it more difficult! Learn how to take a great selfie with this graphical guide as it will show you the proper way to hold your phone when taking a selfie, so no matter where you’re looking you’ll always be able to take the right selfie in no time!


The Lighting

Lighting can either make or break a selfie. Lighting reveals your face to the camera, but you have to get the right amount to make the tone of the photo what you want. Too much light will mean that the photo is too harsh and will not be nice to look at, but too little and people will wonder what’s going on. You also have to take into account where the light is coming from as it will illuminate different parts of your face differently! Natural light is often the best kind of light to take your selfies in, but phone attachments such as ring lights are designed especially for taking selfies so these can give you the perfect lighting that you want as you’re able to change the brightness and position of the light!


The Environment

Where you take your selfie has a huge bearing on it. It dictates how much light you’re going to need and the tone of it, so it’s important that you think about where you’re going to take your selfie. It’s often good to take it against blank backdrops that don’t have a lot going on in them such as against a wall or in a field, but it can also be good to take them in hyper busy places to capture something different. Remember that the environment dictates the tone of a photo completely so make sure it fits what you want!


If you keep in mind all of these things then you’ll not have to worry about spending hours taking a selfie, if you learn the proper technique on how to hold your phone and where to point the camera, and if your lighting and environment is what you want it to be you can’t go wrong! Part of taking a selfie is getting your makeup right, and eyeliner is possibly the most important part of it, so check this out on how to nail it the first time!

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