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Belly, beer gut, muffin top – call it what you wish but belly fat is a plague for those who only seem to gain weight in that area. In medical terms, the fat that we accumulate around the middle is called visceral fat and you can read more about how visceral fat affects us here. You’ve probably heard that you can’t spot-reduce your excess fat and you would have heard right. This is one of the most frustrating things about trying to lose weight – you cannot just point to an area and do exercises to reduce the fat in those areas. As women age, a ‘middle aged spread’ becomes apparent and it can be harder to lose the fat around the middle that has accumulated over time. It’s for this reason that taking care of your midsection in earlier life is so important.

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You could waste your time doing a hundred sit ups a night and still never reduce the fat on your stomach; though you would have a rock-hard core to show for it! Your body will never respond to a specifically targeted exercise, purely because the body isn’t designed for it. You can target your overall fat cells, as fat cells pay attention when you exercise. If you are the sort of person who diets as well as exercises, you can rest assured that you will be able to bust that gut and shrink it down better than someone who simply diets.

Building your metabolism and learning which exercises work for you is just the first start in being able to bust the belly you’ve built. Not everyone sees results straight away, whether they use weight loss shakes or go running on a daily basis, there will be a difference in how the body responds for everyone. Whether you are trying to lose weight after having a baby, want to simply get healthy or you’ve got an event that requires you to have a little black dress waiting for you, getting rid of the excess belly fat is a goal for most! So, when it comes down to it, how can you get rid of that belly fat for good?






Not many people like the concept of lacing up the running shoes and going for a jog, but running and power walking are probably the two best activities you can do to reduce overall body fat. By logging at least 30 minutes a day of moderately intense activity – as in, activity that raises your heartrate while breaking a little bit of a sweat – you can start to improve your fitness and start seeing some sound results. Using heart rate monitors like these ones can really help you to improve your fitness as you can see visual results. It’s also going to be good for your muscles to be working every day. As it gets easier, up your cardio or your speed and push your body that little bit further!





Have you heard of these YouTube workouts that encourage you to do high intensity interval training? A half hour run is one thing, but short and intense bursts of exercise like what you complete with HIIT is something better. Your body then doesn’t tend to get comfortable with one length of time working out and can burn more calories. The harder you work out, the longer your body takes to get back to normal and this is a good thing! It means the calories are continuing to be burned long after you put the gym shoes away!





That LBD may be geared up for a proper night out on the tiles with the girls, but while you’re trying to get into a healthier mindset, you should reduce the amount you drink. There’s a reason it’s called a ‘beer gut – it’s loaded with carbs which can bloat you out and impair your body’s ability to burn the fat. It’s always better to put down the glass of wine and go for a lime and soda instead; you don’t need alcohol to have fun, even if it is a small indulgence! There’s a difference between a glass of wine and binge drinking and you should be aware of that early.


Belly fat, along with other fat around your body, is not healthy in excess. In the long term, excess belly fat can cause health issues like these as well as raised cholesterol. Avoiding these health issues as early as possible should be your priority, and that little black dress next!

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