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It is one thing to plan a wedding, but it is another to plan a celebrity-style wedding. Why? Well, it’s simple: celebs throw glamorous parties, and a wedding reception is the biggest party of them all. So, it’s no wonder you want to take a leaf out of the rich and famous’ book and copy their style. Still, replicating Kim and Kanye’s big day isn’t as easy as going on the internet and looking at photos. To host an event as they do, you have to get into their heads.

Here are a couple of tips that will help you do that and organise a wedding that is the talk of Hollywood.

Get A Wedding Planner

A planner should be one of the first people on your hiring list because there is too much to handle alone. Plus, they are experts who know what to do and how to do it to get the best results. But, any old wedding planner won’t do if you want a ceremony that would make a celebrity blush. Oh no, the average planner has zero ideas what the rich and famous want, but the planners to the stars do. Take Bryan Rafanelli and Mindy Weiss. As both have organised weddings for the Clintons and Ellen DeGeneres, their credentials are sound. As such, they will be able to add the celebrity style, but only if you are a client. 

Spare No Expense

If you surf the internet, you will find lots of posts about ‘luxury weddings on a budget.’ Do you know who doesn’t look at these posts? The celebrities that you are trying to replicate because money is no option. Now, you probably don’t have the same spending power as they do, and you probably won’t be looking at the most expensive blue and pink diamonds (see the list at 77 diamonds), however, it doesn’t mean you can’t splash the cash on a beautiful ring or choose the venue of your dreams. There are times when scaling back will be a must as your budget won’t allow for so much glamour. Still, until that point, don’t worry about spending money on your big day. After all, you saved the cash for a reason.



Hire The Same Venue

A quick Google search will tell you everything you need to know about a celebrity wedding. With this information at hand, you can simply copy what your favourite people did by opting for the same venue. If you like, you can even hire the same room and ask for the same package. Plus, the staff at the venue will have little nuggets of information they can pass on that no one else will know. Even if you don’t want to go down a similar route, just being in the same place adds a special connection. All you have to do now is figure out where the marriage hotspots are and book your flights.


One last thing: add a handful of celebrities to the guest list. Although they seem out of your reach, some of them are available for events. If you have the money, you can hire them to turn up and incorporate a sense of luxury with their presence.

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