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Life is busy – that’s a given. We’re always on our feet, rushing from work to home to friends to every other little thing demanding our attention. In the midst of all the things we have to do, it can be difficult to find time for the things we want to do. It’s easy for the celebs of this world with their thousand and one helpers, but we have to do it by ourselves.

While it’s not possible to wave a magic wand and vanish all of life’s irritating responsibilities, it is possible to find more time. No time turners needed here; just a reorganisation of mundane tasks to give you more time to focus on the things you enjoy.

The changes range from the minute to the very large and cover all aspects of life, from health to beauty. If you manage to  implement them, each one will give you a few extra minutes a day – and that can build up over the course of a year. And if you choose to spend those extra minutes reading salacious gossip magazines, no one is going to judge you for it.



Good sleep hygiene suggests you should get up at roughly the same time every day, yes, even at weekends. You can always go back to sleep if you don’t have to be up, but there’s a certain security in knowing your alarm will sound even if you forget the night before.

#2 – Keep your health under control

Visiting various medical professionals and pharmacies can eat up a lot of your time, so limit them by learning a few first aid techniques. Focus on prevention of illness rather than cure. Even for the routine things, there is time saving to be found; you can order the contraceptive pill online and bulk-order antihistamines for hayfever season.

#3 – Use an ingredients meal service


Shopping and cooking is a huge time suck. While you might not be at the point where you have a live-in chef, go for the next best thing. There are many options for services where you can order specific ingredients for a meal, that come complete with a recipe. No shopping needed, just use what arrives and follow the instructions to get a nutritious meal.

#4 – Buy in bulk

For the things that aren’t fixed by the above, buy in bulk to save time and money. This is perfect for items like shampoo and shower gel, especially if you can find offers on your favourite items when you stock up. Dedicate some space in your home and turn it into your own personal store, with a fresh supply on hand when needed.

#5 – Use a fast-drying nail top coat



Waiting for a manicure to dry is an incredibly frustrating experience, and you’re never really sure when it’s complete. You can paint your nails hours before going to bed and still wake up with crease marks. Opt for a fast-drying top coat and have your fingers back to their full use in under five minutes instead.

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