How To Look ‘Celebrity Perfect’

What is it that allows celebrities to look great day in, day out? It’s about more than how they dress; it’s about their whole personas. Despite what you might see in the media, believe it or not, celebrities don’t look perfect all the time. Just like the rest of us, they have their bad days. Of course they do, after all, they’re only human – a fact that at times, it’s easy to forget.

With that in mind, it’s time to talk about the lessons we can learn from celebrities and how they go about looking perfect day in, day out. To do this, we’ve done lots of research and come up with a list of all the best hacks for always looking and feeling your best that the celebrities swear by. Or, at least, some of them do.

The days of skinny models plastering every catwalk and publication are over. Today, it’s all about real women and real beauty. Well, most of the time it is, anyway. There are still skinny models, like Kendall Jenner, for example. But anyone who’s watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians will know that ‘skinny’ is her natural body type. She eats well and is healthy, and that’s all that matters. Just because she’s skinny, it doesn’t mean that you have to be. Love your body for what it is, don’t worry about how others look.



To get the clear, glowing skin that they have, celebrities like Miley Cyrus, make an effort to eat well. They don’t skip meals or live off salads, they eat a healthy, varied diet, and so should you. Of course, to look good, it’s not just about diet. Exercise is also important. The classes celebrities like Kim K swear by are spinning and fitness yoga – they’re great for getting in, and staying in shape.

Wearing the right things plays a big part in how ‘perfect’ celebrities look. A lot of celebs have stylists who help them to pick out outfits, so that wherever they go, should they get snapped on camera, they look good. They make sure to dress right from head to toe, just like these celebrity articles show about Miley Cyrus’s shoe choices. She picks designs that complement her feet and add style to her look. To look good day in, day out, it’s all about making the right fashion choices. Pick pieces that work for your style and body shape and you’ll love how you look.



Have you ever taken two pictures side by side – one where you’re smiling and looking happy and one where you look miserable? Well, if you have, you’ll probably have noticed that pictures where you look happy, come out better. One of the most important things celebrities will tell you about looking good is to always put a smile on your face. You’d be amazed at how much of a difference this will make to your look.

There are a lot of lessons we can learn from celebrities about looking and feeling good. Hopefully, the advice above will help you to learn to love yourself and confident with who you are and how you look.


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