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When you think of celebrity health tips, all sorts of crazy things probably come to mind. A lot of the ones you read about or hear on the news are those that are weird enough to be noteworthy. They usually involve a strange diet or doing odd things to various body parts. But you can learn more from celebs about how to look after your health than the odd things they sometimes come out with. Many people in the public eye are excellent at looking after themselves. Although, a lot of them have plenty of help to do it. You may not be on a VIP budget, but you could still pick up some valuable tips from the stars.



Be Empowered About Your Health

Some of the lessons we can learn from celebrities about health are pretty big ones. Taking control of your health and empowering yourself has to be one of the best ones you can learn. For an amazing example of this, we can look at the journey that Angelina Jolie has been on in the last few years. She underwent some serious procedures after discovering she carried the BRCA1 gene. It’s a gene that greatly increases the chance of both breast cancer and ovarian cancer. She had to make a series of tough decisions but ultimately did what she thought was best for her and her family. We could all learn to empower ourselves more when it comes to our health. And there are several ways you can do that.

One way to feel more empowered is to do your own research. If you’re unwell, or even when you’re healthy, you can find out about the best ways to look after yourself. You can ensure that you’re aware of treatment options you have and how you can be as healthy as possible. However, you have to be careful about the sources you use. You can also feel more empowered by working actively with your doctor if you have to see them. Plus, if you don’t like them, you can always ask to see someone else.

Have a Fitness Routine

There are probably few celebrities that don’t have some kind of fitness routine. Of course, many of them have personal trainers. That means they have someone to motivate them all the time, which is necessary if you have a busy schedule. You have a busy life too, though, even if you don’t spend your time touring or filming. It can be a struggle to fit regular exercise into your lifestyle. But having someone to motivate you is a great idea. If you think hiring a personal trainer is out of the question, it could be much more realistic than you imagine. You might not be able to hire a trainer to the stars, but there are other options. Look into personal trainers at your gym, or see if you can join a local boot camp.

If a trainer isn’t an option, there are other people who can keep you motivated. Working out with friends can be a great way to keep up your fitness routine. However, you have to pick friends you know you can rely on. It won’t work if you just talk each other into being lazy!

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Look After Your Teeth

Teeth are a contentious issue when it comes to celebrities. For many people, the teeth of Hollywood are just too unnatural. They’re too white, straight and even. However, we can still learn a lesson from celebs who take care of their teeth. You don’t have to have an artificial smile to have healthy gnashers. You might not want veneers, but you definitely don’t want fillings either. It’s a good idea to consider getting dental insurance. If you live in the UK, it can be hard to rely on NHS dentists. Guardian Life has some great info about dental insurance and looking after your teeth. Your teeth need to last you a lifetime, so caring for them is worth it. And maybe you can make them look prettier too if you want to.

Managing Your Mental Health

Having a therapist is another thing that we can be dismissive of when it comes to celebrities. It can sometimes seem like everyone in the US has a therapist, regardless of whether they have any serious problems in their life. The notion of having a therapist to discuss your day to day emotions can seem pretty strange. It’s even weirder in the UK, where it can be hard to access mental health services. However, if you think about it, it’s not such a bad idea. Having a disinterested party who can listen to you and perhaps offer advice can be useful. Most of us probably aren’t going to start seeing a therapist regularly. But we can learn to take charge of our mental health, as well as our physical health. It’s important to find things that help to keep you mentally healthy. It could be anything from meditating to just having open talks with friends and family.



Be More Open About Your Health

Some might say that a lot of celebrities are too open about their health and that they should keep it private. But often when celebs talk about their health, they act as great advocates for others. It can be tough to open up about any health problems you’re having. It’s particularly hard when it’s a mental health issue. Many celebrities have spoken candidly about their health problems. They range from drug addiction to cancer, lupus, and depression. Some of them might have preferred to stay quiet. However, their openness is often very helpful to people going through the same thing. It’s for you to decide how open you want to be about your health. But don’t let stigma hold you back from talking about it if you want to share.

Ask for Help When You Need It

Another mental health lesson we can learn from celebrities is the importance of seeking help. Unfortunately, we often learn this one from watching celebs who aren’t asking for help. We’ve all seen reports of a celebrity who’s struggling. Seeing what they’re going through can feel pretty invasive. Fortunately, most of us don’t have the added pressure of public scrutiny. Although, sometimes it can feel like you do. Asking for help can be hard, but it’s important to do it before it gets even harder.

Give Your Body the Fuel It Needs

We hear a lot of stuff about crazy celebrity diets. But if you want to learn some lessons about healthy eating, don’t look to the celebs who drink hot sauce or live on organic almonds. There are many celebrities who take great care of their bodies and still eat a healthy diet. It’s a good idea to consider those celebs who stay fit all the time, whether it’s for a role or for themselves. Most of them are very sensible about ensuring they get the fuel they need to keep their body going. They might be strict about what they eat, by avoiding too much fat and sugar. But they make sure their diet has the right nutrients to help them stay fit.


Stay Fit for a Good Cause

Finding the motivation to stay fit can be difficult. If you find it hard to find a reason to work out, consider what a lot of celebrities do. Signing yourself up for a charity event or even creating your own goal can give you something to aim for. By raising money for charity, you can feel great about yourself. You’ll be keeping fit and doing something for a good cause. Celebrities often do impressive feats, like running hundreds of miles or completing a triathlon. But you don’t have to set yourself a huge challenge. Running a 5k could be just as challenging when you’re trying to get fit.

Be Selective About Health Tips

If there’s one thing we should all learn from celebrities, it’s not to believe everything we hear. You’ve no doubt heard some pretty dubious health tips from various celebs. Some of them sound crazy and ridiculous right away, and those are the ones you’re unlikely to try. But others can sound convincing, and you might be curious to try them. However, even advice that seems like it could work could be complete rubbish. Before you try anything recommended by a celebrity, do some research on whether it works. And don’t just rely on celebrity news sites, either! Try to find legitimate, trustworthy sources that can back up their claims with evidence. Celebs can be guilty of spreading a lot of misinformation. At best, it could lead to you spending money on something that doesn’t work. And at worst, it could have the opposite effect to what you were hoping for. Following the wrong diet or exercise routine could make you less healthy than you are now.
Celebrities can teach us a lot about looking after our health, even when they don’t intend to. Just make sure you’re learning the right lessons and not falling for the make believe ones.


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