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Hi VIPs! At this time of year, chances are we’ve allover-indulged too much. It happens to all of us, so don’t beat yourself up too much. Instead, make a resolution to beat it out on the running track or in the gym when the festive period is over.

If you need some inspiration than the celebs will all be doing it. Kate Hudson. the Queen of activewear who has her own clothing company Fabletics. is a great ambassador for her range…


Heidi Klum keeps in supermodel shape by jogging. I love that she doesn’t mind getting noticed when she’s sweaty. You need something like this in Winter when it’s dark early mornings and early evenings.


Meanwhile Kylie Jenner is an indoor gym bunny, showing that she must do a lot of sit-ups with this Instagram post.


Even though you’re going to get sweaty, you don’t have to look scruffy. I find I want to exercise more if I know I look good when I start. For this reason, these are the affordable but awesome activewear outfits that I’m loving right now:

(1)  Boohoo’s panel print neon contrast leggings  are just £12 and you can get a matching sports bra. Monochrome stands out in the gym, but it won’t show up your sweat patches.


(2) For a shorts kit like Kate Hudson’s the  Teal runners shorts and matching sports bra from Asos looks ssssssuper cool. I love the snake print effect.


(3) The Don’t Ever Quit t-shirt from Forever 21 is a bargain morale booster for £11


(4) For running wear like Heidi Klum’s I love the  Supernova storm jacket from Adidas. The fabric is designed to absorb sweat and keep you at the optimum temperature.


(5) If you really want to stand out then these sports tights from H&M are £15 and come in a variety of base colours. We prefer the pink to the orange…


Are you feeling more energetic yet?

Have a great day!

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