Thursday’s Top Celebrity News

Hi VIPs! We’re almost at the weekend. I wish every week was a four day week!

There’s a saying that time flies when you are having fun so the Live Like a VIP team’s picked the most fun stories of the week so far. What do you think about:

(1) The new Spy film, which stars Jason Statham. Jude Law and Melissa McCarthy? A random mix, but hopefully it’s going to be funny.


(2)  Cameron Diaz and Benji Madded loved up after 5 months of marriage. They’re so loved up she doesn’t even need to wear make up around him


(3)Nicole Scherzinger looking fabulous in Vegas. Lewis Hamilton is missing out!



(4) Kim Kardashian posing as Marilyn Monroe for Vogue Brazil. Its a cute look but comparing yourself to another icon is lame, Kim. Be proud of who you are!


(5) Solange Knowles, who is in the UK for a Veuve Cliquout party

photo (56)


She spent much of the evening looking depressed and turned up more than 90 mins after the party started. I used to think she was cooler than Beyonce, but there’s cool and there’s cold…

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See you tomorrow for more of the same. Have a great day.

Zoe Griffin

Editor In Chief

Editor In Chief at Live Like A VIP. Author, Journalist & Copywriter. Often found with a glass of Champagne in hand!

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