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I’ve learned a lot about yoga in the past year. I started it to try  to help my rehabilitation from the leg injury I sustained while running and I discovered there are people of all shapes and sizes in the classes. That’s the same when it comes to the VIPs who practise yoga. There’s everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Scherzinger to the Australian rugby team.



The problem I find with yoga is there are so many variations it can be difficult to know where to start. My main motivation is to heal my leg injury, but I know others do it to beat stress while others escape to a peaceful place to lick their wounds after heartbreak.

I used to think it required a lot of trialling different yoga classes to find one that suited me, until I met Sarah Tucker. She’s an author, travel writer and broadcaster and a yoga expert, who’s just written a book called the A to Zen of Yoga.


Sarah and I went on a trip to Malta together (that’s where she’s jumping in the fun photo above) and she told me all about the book. There are certain poses that aid specific situations and it’s all detailed inside. The cobra pose, the tree pose and the pigeon pose are all good for different things.

The launch was just last week, but there’s already positive feedback for it. Dr Patrick Bowler, acclaimed cosmetic surgeon who wrote the introduction of the book, said “I may be shooting myself in the foot here, but yoga is better than the knife.   You just need the right teacher and Sarah is the right teacher.”

Comedienne Helen Lederer has a lot of praise for Sarah’s methods, judging by the front cover of the book.



You can follow the poses in this book anywhere so you can do a pose to fight jet lag in your hotel room or you can satiate your appetite in your living room. This is especially good if, like me, you’re a Beginner and intimidated by those super flexible types that can slip into each pose seamlessly.

If you’ve always wanted to follow in the celebrities footsteps by doing yoga, buying this book is a very cheap way to start!

Available at Amazon, £9.99

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