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Sleep is the ultimate way to rest and recover but it doesn’t always come easy. Jet-lag, joint pain, stress, allergies and tooth-ache – all of these factors and more can stand in the way of the perfect night’s sleep.

As I am recovering from an injury (I hurt my knee training for the London marathon), I’ve found it harder to get to sleep. If I wriggle into the wrong position in my sleep, I wake up in agony. Keen to stop this from happening, I’m taking part in Sleeping Duck’s 100 day sleep challenge.



Sleeping Duck has just launched it’s Titan mattress in the UK – a customisable mattress. Customers can vary the firmness and feel of the mattress to ensure they get a great night’s sleep. And if it doesn’t work for you after a 100 day trial, then you can ask for your old mattress back.


When I asked about what difference the mattress could make to me, I was told:

Sharing a bed has never been better: The individually pocketed springs won’t disturb the sleeper every time their partner tosses and turns. Each spring operates independently of the next, giving both sleepers the freedom to move.

Things tend to heat up in the bedroom but the mattress shouldn’t: Sleeping Duck regulates the temperature of the mattress to keep heat down and comfort levels up by using foams manufactured with a porous open cell structure.

Your very own Swiss masseuse: Generous layers of memory foam and latex work to relieve pressure points and improve blood circulation for a restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Putting a spring in your step: Sleeping Duck’s 5-zone spring system provides a natural spine alignment for the body. The mattress has a varied spring firmness to match the major regions of the body. This provides targeted support for the head-to-neck, shoulders, hips, pelvis and legs.

photo 2

As you can see above, the mattress is now on my bed!

I have had it on my bed for a week now and I am genuinely pleased to say I have noticed a difference. I feel like I am sleeping in a hotel bed, as I can’t feel any uncomfortable rocking when I toss and turn. I used to have the cheapest mattress ever – one that came free with the bed – and so having one that adjusts to my body feels like a luxury.

My leg is not completely better so I’m still having problems drifting off, but I haven’t woken up in pain during the night in the past seven days. I’d call that progress!

I’ll keep you updated with how I get on with this mattress again during this 100 day challenge, but so far it’s looking positive.

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See the Sleeping Duck website here

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