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Hi VIPs. Happy Easter! I hope everyone’s planning on treating themselves this weekend.

Let’s start it as we mean to go on by having a look at the fun things happening in the celebrity world. I’ve asked the Live Like a VIP team what stories they’ve been grabbed by recently and this is what you need to know:

(1) Retro is back – as you can see by this almost unrecognisable celebrity.


It’s Rita Ora! With bleached eyebrows! The full shoot with her is in Crash magazine now.

(2) Kelly Brook is back in shape



Remember Katie Price said that Kelly Brook looked like a heiffer? Well, she’s done Kelly Brook good by saying that as Kelly’s took it to heart and slimmed down. Double denim is keeping with the retro vibe set by Rita Ora. What do you think of that?

(3) We think if Kylie does denim then it’s good enough for us…


Kylie did a business meeting at the London Edition hotel in a denim pencil skirt. She’s been in showbiz for more than 20 years and still looks like she’s in her 20s. But is she doing the Eurovision contest now that Australia’s in it this year? Watch this space.

(4) Gwyneth’s on hols with Chris again



Remind us why Gwyneth and Chris decided to ‘conciously uncouple’ if they’re always hanging out together. She hasn’t got a new man, he’s not with Jennifer Lawrence any more. They’re totally going to get back together, but they can’t admit it yet because they made such a big deal about their uncoupling. Doh! I hope it works out for them as they’re both as eccentric as each other.

(5) Ed Sheeran’s on Sesame Street. Not a bad song actually!

Now have a great weekend and we’ll be back Bank Holiday Monday with some more celeb goss! In the meantime, you can always tweet us @livelikeavip. We make an effort to reply to everyone.

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