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Did you see my blog post last week about my first training session with Jamie Kerr?

I explained that I am training for the Virgin Money London marathon and that I want a good time, which requires doing exercises to strengthen up as well as running. On my own, I enjoy running but gyms confuse me. That’s why I asked Jamie to help…


The best thing about training with Jamie is that no two sessions are ever the same. Check out what he had me doing this week

This was part of a set with tricep dips and press-ups. I did walking lunges and star jumps in another set. My heart rate was just as high, if not higher, than I’d get from a run and I was working more muscle groups. I knew immediately that the lunges and split leg lunges would be great for strengthening my legs and help me avoid injury from too much running.

Personally, I need a lot of motivation to go to the gym and stay in the gym when I’m there and I find that having Jamie there does this. Check out his website for more info.

I’ll let you know what he has me doing next week!


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