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With the Virgin Money London Marathon just a little over 9 weeks away, I’m on a mission to get fit.

I explained to you in my last running post update that I’ve got a training plan for the first time ever, and one of these is a gym session. It’s important to strengthen my legs so that my muscles don’t get fatigued over the 26.2 miles. As I find it hard to get motivated to go to the gym, I’ve enlisted the help of one of London’s top trainers, Jamie Kerr, and this is what he’s had me doing.

Jamie’s aim is to make training fun for his clients so they find it easier to fit into their daily routine. It’s a lot more playful than repeating sets of squats or doing burpees and this makes you look forward to the sessions as you never know what to expect.


If you like the sound of this you can visit Jamie’s website, to find out more. He’s based in a very cool gym in London’s Shoreditch, but there are other ways to train. If you like being outside, then Jamie can accomodate that. But for me, I’m enjoying being inside a gym after a lot of marathon running sessions outside.


I’ve been taking my running quite seriously recently, so this fun but effective workout has helped me find my motivation again. I’m looking forward to the next workout because if this week was tug of war, the next one won’t be…

I’ll keep you posted and don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter @livelikeavip

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