Thursday’s Hottest Celebrity Goss

Hi VIPs! Sometimes I look at the photos of what celebs are up to and it seems they’re just like us. They work out, they make excuses why they miss things and they like to chill out with their mates.

This makes me feel more positive about life as it reassures me we can all be celebrities. We ARE VIPs, we just have to realise this and have confidence. Here’s some examples of some celebrities that have been behaving like us this week.

Taylor Swift chilling out with the Haim sisters in Hawaii


Rita Ora keeping in shape with a hike to Runyon Canyon (she’s not super human, she has to work out to stay in shape)


Johnny Depp saying he was bitten by a dog and that’s he missed a press conference in Tokyo.


Laura Whitmore eating cake (she may look super thin but she indulged in afternoon tea at a British Heart Foundation event)


Rosie Huntington Whiteley using scents to make her smell sweet. (She doesn’t smell like roses naturally, she achieves that with her new M&S Fragrance)


Now with all that in mind, go out and act like a celebrity today. It’s easier than you think! We’ll be back tomorrow with some more celebrity gossip and you can chat to us on Twitter @livelikeavip




Zoe Griffin

Editor In Chief

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