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On 16 November 2014  I will be running a marathon. I’m travelling to Istanbul to run the only marathon that crosses two continents (Europe and Asia) and I’m aiming for a Personal Best. This will be tough given that I ran the New York Marathon in 2013 in 3hours 36 minutes, but I’m going to train as smart as I can, have the most efficient kit and treat my body nicely on rest days. I’m also keeping a running diary packed with new things I’m bringing into my routine. Today I’m looking at clothing / layers.

In my head I know the key to improving my PB is training more and training smarter but in reality it’s not easy to fit into my day. I find it difficult to run at lunchtime as I can’t justify taking an hour or so (plus changing time) out of the working day and I can’t train after work as I don’t have a traditional 9 to 5. Therefore I have always done my training runs in the morning…as long as it’s not too dark or too wet.

However, as I live in London and my marathon is happening in November, if I stayed in every time it was dark / cold I wouldn’t get out at all. Grudgingly I drag myself out of bed and potter about the house, trying to justify reasons why I can go back to bed. This is wasting time. If only I had something to make me look forward to running more.


What makes you look forward to running? For me it’s a combination of an inspiring running music playlist (which I’ll cover in a separate blog post) and new gear so I feel good and fresh. If I have new running clothes and I lay them out the night before, it does motivate me to get my brain and body into gear quicker. It means I don’t have to think about things, which means no to time to think negative thoughts 🙂

At first glance, the Kalenji 3-in-1 Elioplay running jacket (above) looks like a pretty standard jacket, right? Although I love the colours, it didn’t seem that different to any of the other items of running clothing I own..until I examined it closer. Look what I found:


You can use it as a running jacket when you start off, then as you warm up you can take off the sleeves and use it as a gilet. However, you could also add the sleeves to whatever running top you normally use and wear it as a bolero.

Here I am trying it out before a morning’s run. Excuse my lack of make-up and bad lighting – this was taken at around 6am!


The jacket has a pocket – for energy gels or a credit card / coins. (I always run with this just in case I need to stop for water / get a bus in an emergency). But most importantly, I found you can rip off the sleeves without needing to stop, which is good if you are timing your training run. There’s even a pocket at the back that you can put your sleeves in.

At £44.99, it works out cheaper than the comparable Nike and Adidas jackets and it’s more functional. I’ll definitely be taking this to Istanbul with me – wish me luck!

If you need some rain / wind protection on your own runs then you can find this jacket at Decathlon Happy Running!

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