Thursday’s Top Celeb Stories

Hi VIPs! We have an action-packed round-up for you today. If you’re in need of a break and maybe a laugh then we have a roundup of what some of the best known names in showbiz are doing as well as what they’re wearing.

So let’s get on with it, starting with the good. Amal Alamuddin. No wonder George Clooney married her. Beautiful and smart, currently working in Greece advising them on the return of the Elgin marbles. Controversial!


Michelle Keegan’s newest Lipsy collection launches today. It’s the Christmas range, which means party dresses and sparkle. Head over to for a browse.


Paris Hilton also looked ok, we think, shopping in Beverly Hills. What she lacks in skirt, because let’s face it it’s a bit short, she makes up by carrying a pup in a tutu. Awwww.


But Nicole Scherzinger – hmmmmm! Why did she look like Beetlejuice at her album playback in London’s Cafe Royal? We’ve seen her do better…


Now what do you think of Beyonce’s fringe? We have a divided opinion at Live Like a VIP so let us know if you reckon it suits her? Jay-Z in the background of their visit to a charity arts project in South London is not impressed. Or is that because he doesn’t like South London? Tweet @livelikeavip


That’s it for now but we’ll have plenty more goss for you tomorrow. Then it’s almost the weekend. Come on, you can do this!

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