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When was the last time a book made you LOL? This was one of the questions I asked myself as I found myself giggling like a madwoman, multiple times, to I Will Marry George Clooney (By Christmas) by Tracy Bloom.

I connected with this book on many levels. Firstly,  the reason I called this site Live Like A VIP is because I want to make sure every reader is equipped with ways they can live  every moment of life to the fullest. We don’t have time to waste on reading books that are averagely funny yet thoroughly forgettable. I can assure you that the main character in this book, Michelle, is someone you wished existed in real life and you could have as a mate. When you’re reading about what happens to her you’re not just turning the pages, you’re hoping and praying that she gets what she wants.


On another level, this book suggests that there should be no barrier between celebrities and the rest of us. Michelle works in a chicken factory but that doesn’t let it stop her setting her sights on George Clooney. She has the confidence that she is worthy of being a celebrity wife and I want to see more people, more of my readers, having the same confidence in real life. If you make the most of what you’ve got, shop cleverly with fashion and beauty and use your brain then you’re a catch and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Michelle has it worse than most of us to start. She is a single mother whose daughter hates her. She doesn’t have the best relationship with her own mother and her romantic history isn’t the best. But marrying George Clooney would change that. So that’s what she sets her mind to doing. Why the hell not?

And then there’s the George Clooney issue. What girl doesn’t want to marry George Clooney? Sure, he’s married but that doesn’t stop me fancying him in the same way I fancy the very-married David Beckham and the one half of Brangelina, Brad Pitt.


This point may make you a tiny bit sick, but I’ve actually met all three and George is my fave. Beckham does have an annoying voice, Brad is capable of some pretty weird facial hair but Gorgeous George is every bit as dreamy as you see on the TV. We met at the Shangri-la hotel in Dubai when he was filming Syriana and occupying a penthouse suite. I was reviewing the hotel for the Mail On Sunday and also in a spectacular suite, which meant breakfast was served in a different room. As I walked in George was sat at a table. When he helped himself to fruit at the buffet, I followed. Having a big mouth, I told him I was intrigued about the film because I was a journalist and he didn’t tell me to mind my own business, as he had a right to do. Instead, he invited me to join his table! Now I clearly didn’t impress him as much as Amal Alamuddin or I could be Mrs Clooney by now but I always held out hope one day he might think he’s never had such good conversation as that breakfast in Dubai and come back and find me.

It’s hope – or rather acting on hope – that makes I Will Marry George Clooney By Christmas so special. We all hope in life there’s something better out there for us but it’s hard to take action. It’s only big events that force you to decide to make a change and turn the hope into a reality. I hope that one day I’ll own a yacht and a house with a pool but it won’t happen unless I work harder and smarter. I hope that one day I will get married and have kids but it won’t happen unless I work on my relationship. Reading this book caused a lightbulb moment to go off  in my head – if you want something you need to go after it. (It’s time to dream big, just like they tell you in the Disney movies, and stop letting ‘adult fear’ get in the way!)

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I never did English literature at school, I was actually better at Maths and Sciences, so maybe I’ve interpreted it incorrectly. But I do know that I’ve read one book a week on average since I was 13 and I’m therefore qualified to say that this is one of the top books I’ve read. Multiply 52 weeks by 15 years and add on a bit more and that’s how many books I’m comparing it to.

I asked writer Tracy Bloom five questions to find what it takes to write a book like this:


QS: How did you come up with the idea for the book?

The idea came to me about 3 years ago. It must have been around the time that George Clooney was saying that he probably wouldn’t ever marry again because he wasn’t very good at it the first time! Now there’s a challenge I thought. Most women dream of marrying George Clooney so what if you took the most unlikely woman(a chicken factory worker form Derby) on a journey to try and marry him? Why would she try and do such a thing? How would she tackle the challenge? Where would her journey take her? Would she have a happy ending? And so I WILL MARRY GEORGE CLOONEY was born.

QS: How long did it take to write?

I spent a few months on it in 2012 then stopped to self publish my first novel NO-ONE EVER HAS SEX ON A TUESDAY. When I signed a publishing deal with Penguin Random House in October 2013 they like the idea and so I picked it up again taking about another 4 months to finish the first draft.

QS:  Do you have a daily routine when it comes to writing?

Depends on where I am in the process. If I’m at first draft stage I go straight to a cafe in the morning and brainstorm what ever scene I’m working on. Then I go home and write straight onto my computer. This works for me as it stops me wasting an hour just surfing the net at the start of the day. If I’m editing I do tend to be at my desk all day but grab half an hour of trash TV over lunch to give my brain a break. Currently it’s either Millionaire Matchmaker or Real Housewives of Orange County. You couldn’t write some of the characters who appear in those shows.

QS: What’s better – writing or shopping for roller coasters [Tracy’s former career]? Why?

Very tough question! If I could do both that would be most excellent! If pushed I think I’d have to say writing. I love the thrill of writing something your proud of probably more now than testing a mega-coaster. (to be honest I’ve lost my bottle a bit!)

QS:  Do you have the idea for your next book already?

I’m actually writing the sequel to NO-ONE EVER HAS SEX ON A TUESDAY but I also have other ideas brewing. Maybe I should be writing something that predicts the next big wedding!

I Will Marry George Clooney is released on 9 October. Make sure you get your copy at Amazon now or you’ll be missing out on a heart-warming story and quite a few LOLs.

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