The Right Shades For Your Face Shape

Summer is officially gone and autumn has arrived with winter closely behind, but that doesn’t mean that everyone’s favourite summer accessory should make an exit too. Even though there’s a chill in the air, the sun is brighter than ever and that means it’s still shades season.


Yes! Get those specs back out because they’re always the perfect way to finish off an outfit. From making fashion statements to hiding the ugliest of hangovers and oh protecting your eyes of course, sunglasses can be your best friend. That being said, shades can be your worst enemy if you don’t choose the right pair for your face shape.  They should highlight your best features, help to balance out your face structure, as well as compliment your individual style.

Knowing how to balance your face is crucial when you’re choosing the right shades, and this all depends on your face shape.

Round FacesMKANDKD

If you have wide cheeks with a forehead and chin that are rounded, then you have a round face shape and should wear straight, angular, square like frames in order to give your face more structure. These shape frames also help balance your face by breaking the continuous curved nature of it. Get your sunglasses inspiration from Mila Kunis and Kirsten Dunst.

Square Faces

MKANDMCIf you have a wide forehead, cheeks and a chin that form a square like shape then your face is square shaped. You should go for round, circular shades to soften the lines of your face and balance the proportions. Follow Mary-Kate Olsen or Miley Cyrus for frame ideas.

Heart Faces

KWANDJLIf you have a wide forehead and cheeks with a narrow chin then your face is heart shaped. You should opt for oval, round or slightly oversized glasses. These will help to make the point of your chin less harsh, keeping your face balanced.  Get shade tips from Kerry Washington or Jennifer Lopez.

Oblong Faces



If your forehead is raised and your face is generally narrow and rounded from top to bottom then your face shape is oblong. Get frame shapes that are square with a large width or even sunglasses that have decorative brows. This will visually shorten and widen your face balancing it in all areas.  Look at Sarah Jessica Parker or Kelly Rowland for shade suggestions.

Oval Faces

BANDKKIf you have a narrow forehead and chin with wider cheeks then you face is oval shaped. Oval shapes can get away with wearing most frame shapes but the best-suited shade for you would be cat eye frames because they help to highlight your cheekbones. Your go to for frame fashion is Beyonce or Kim Kardashian.

Find out your face shape and get your hands on a pair of sunglasses that’s just right for you. Let us know what you think!

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