How To Get Big VIP Eyebrows

Model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne brought bushy brows back this year and shoved pencil thin shapes out the window.


Celebs have gone bananas about this bold transformation and what’s most definitely on trend right now is brows that are fierce and growl worthy. Look at Beyonce!


These heavy brows are definitely something that’s achievable not only for celebs, but for each and every person who desires a bold and beautiful look. If you’re out to impress, these bad boy will definitely do the trick.

Now every girl knows that whatever her method may be: threading, plucking or waxing your eyebrows after weeks of growth, is enough to transform the most shapeless beast of them all into a foxy and fierce feline. It’s something about those brows that once done, just zap you right back into place. But oh, when they’re thick and dark, they’re dangerous (and I mean that in a good way).


These trending brows help shape and frame your face balancing it out, especially if you have some dark lippy on to compliment them with. They also help give you a more of a sexy smoldering, evening out-in-the-town look. Last but not least, they instantly make you look and feel more edgy and chic.

But the secret to these big brows is in the method and the how-to. Here come the goods.

(1) Let your eyebrows grow out a little to regain your natural shape. When you’re all grown out, let the magic begin.

(2) Use tweezers to pluck the bottom of your brow into an ever so slightly arched shape. Be careful though. You want a subtle edge, not a harsh line.

(3) Comb your brows back and outwards with a sooplie (a tool that looks like a miniature sized round brush that shapes your eyebrows).

(4) In order to achieve a generally natural look without going too overboard and furry, fill in your brows with a brown eyebrow pencil but make sure to do so only in the areas that require it. Follow the direction of your brows and don’t press too heavy either; you’re going for soft strokes in the right places.

(5) Use brown brow powder and gently dust it over your eyebrows following the shape.

(6) Lastly, use some concealer that’s one tone lighter than your average make up shade. With this highlight the edges of your brow and then use a blending brush to blend it in with your skin or foundation.

I tried this look for a night out recently and I was more than impressed with the results. What do you think to my photo?


When they’re done right, they’re gold.

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