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If you always do the same thing when it comes to fitness then you’re going to get the same results. I know this is a much used cliché but if you’re struggling to lose that last 7lbs or you’re finding it a chore to go to the gym it’s because your workout regime isn’t quite right.

This is where Speedflex comes in. A year ago a revolutionary new fitness studio opened in the city of London, a short walk from Bank / Monument tube station. After establishing a reputation in Newcastle thanks to Alan Shearer, one of it’s co-founders, Speedflex has seen thousands of different types of fitness lovers through it’s doors. All have a different goal in mind but all are able to work out in the same studio in the same class. So you could get a woman getting back to fitness after pregnancy in the same class as a rugby player, a heavy living city worker or a paralympic athlete.

How come? By this point you may be wondering what Speedflex is. The About Us section on their website explains: ‘Sessions are high in intensity, low in impact and short in duration. They comprise a combination of Speedflex machines and traditional exercise modalities, guaranteeing a total body workout. Users are able to burn more calories than they ever thought possible.’

Burning serious calories
Burning serious calories!

If I’m totally honest it was the calorie thing that initially got me. The more calories we burn, the less guilty we feel when we go out and party like VIPs, right? But I liked the idea of a full body workout as I’m very good at running and not very good at stretching.

On my first visit, I saw how it all worked in practise. There were two main elements to get my head round. Firstly, the heart monitor. At each session you get given a strap and an electronic heart monitor, which connects to the main TV screen in the room (You can see this at top left of the door in the photo below). The Speedflex team works out your maximum heart rate taking into account your age and gender and then the TV displays whether you’re working at 70% or 80% or 90% or more of your maximum heart rate. The aim is to get it to 90 or above for the most calorie burning workout. Get your heart working at 90% for enough of the class and you could see your calorie burn top 900 in 45 minutes. (You’d have to run for almost 90 minutes to achieve the same burn through jogging).

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The second thing to get your head round is what you actually have to do.

Lateral Pull Down

It’s essentially a high intensity round of circuits. Half of the circuits are machines and half are ‘auxiliary stations’ with varying exercises of press ups, high knee runs, star jumps, mountain climbers, kettle bell swings, clean and presses and sit ups. Sometimes you do them for 30 seconds each, sometimes for 20 and sometimes the class divides up into pairs or threes and you try three moves at a time. It never gets boring!

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I tried it for two weeks with four sessions a week and what I liked about it are:

1)   The instructors are amazing. They explain what to do and shout out motivation throughout the class. As each class has 15 people in it or less you really feel like you’re getting individual attention.

2)   You can’t lie to yourself. If I’m tired or hungover then I’m prone to laziness and head to the cross trainer in a gym, trying to convince myself that 15 mins on a cross trainer and 15 minutes on a low speed on a treadmill is better than nothing. However, when your heart rate is beamed up on the big screen at Speedflex it makes you want to work harder to get the most out of your workout.

3)   It takes the risk out of weight training. All the machines are controlled by hydraulic pressure so you have to push them up and pull them down. They won’t drop on their own and injure you.

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4)   You save time. By doing cardio and weights at the same time, you can be in and out of the gym in just 45 minutes with the satisfaction of knowing you’ve burned up to 900 calories and toned up. In fact, I witnessed one of the guys in my class burning 1046 calories!

5)   My bum feels amazing! So many of the routines involve squats, which is great for the derriere.

There are 45 minute classes – or 30 minute classes if you can only fit in a short time away from the office – every hour from 7am to 7pm. You won’t get injured or feel any pain but you will burn tons of calories. What’s stopping you from trying it?

To find out more details check out the Speedflex website.

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