Thursday Celeb Goss Roundup

Hey VIPs! It’s almost the weekend! So that means it’s time to lighten up and what better way to start that then with a shirtless David Beckham. He’s just got a new range for H&M and happily for us he’s modelling them himself. Nearly 40 years old and he’s still got it!


Now time for some entertainment perhaps? Compare David Beckham to Conchita Wurst, who has just got his top off for Karl Lagerfeld. Karl does like the models with ‘personality’ doesn’t he?


Meanwhile, over in LA it was the premiere of Sin City 2 (which is happening in London next week) and Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson put on some hot outfits. I wish someone advised Rosario about her nipples showing though!


Madonna also wore a weird outfit on the beach on Formentera as she celebrated her 56th birthday with friends. She’s got a great figure, so why is she swamping it in such an OTT overdressed look? She’s either underdressed or overdressed – what happened to moderation?


And what’s happened to Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon? According to In Touch magazine they’re having marriage problems. I really hope this is not true 🙁


Sadly, that’s it for today but Thursday is the new Friday. This means there will be plenty more goss tomorrow. Have a fab day!

Zoe Griffin

Editor In Chief

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