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When it comes to eyelashes, there is one woman that the celebrities have on speed-dial. Agnes Dos Santos is the CEO of the Perfect Eyelashes brand, which has salons in London and a popular range of strip lashes sold around the world. Even the most high-maintenance divas like Lindsay Lohan have been happy with the Perfect Eyelashes service.



I have visited Perfect Eyelashes before (read that blog post here) and I loved it! The lashes were thick and made me feel so feminine I just wanted to flatter my lashes at everyone. There looked lovely, but in a natural way and I saved a fortune on mascara.

Perfect Eyelashes set the trends in the eyelash world with their light but lovely eyelashes and now there’s something else that few salons do. Ombre eyelashes



I love the ombre hair trend – from Kylie Jenner’s blue tips to Cheryl Tweedy’s blonde ends – so when I heard it was possible to do the same with the eyes, it made sense. Also, it’s a lot safer to start the trend with eyebrows than hair, because if you don’t like it then you can get rid of it a lot quicker!

The ombre hair trend could end up damaging the hair because of the chemicals in the hair dye but you won’t ruin your lashes with ombre eyelashes. This is because the colour is already on the lash extension. The lash extension is made from silk so it’s excellent quality.  So I met Angnes Dos Santos at her salon in Kensington to learn about the new trend.

photo 2

In the past few weeks, tons of celebrities had visited the same salon. Lily Allen, I’m a Celebrity star Amy Willerton and Made In Chelsea star Lucy Watson (all photgraphed below) plus ski-er Chemmy Alchott and TV presenter Sarah-Jane Crawford, the new face of The Xtra Factor.


The advantages of lash extensions, especially ombre ones, are:

  • It’s great for festival season – you can match your eyelashes to your look
  • It’s great for summer holidays – no need to worry about mascara running
  • It’s great for new relationships  / dates – your boyfriend will think you are naturally beautiful as you wake up fresh-faced without mascara

And if you’re feeling a bit nervous about going the whole way with the ombre trend, you can do what I did and have glamorously thick lashes overall with an extra edge of ombre at the edges. You can only see my ombre if the lights hit it, but you can see how thick and voluminous my eyelashes appear with the new extensions.



There is no catch with this treatment as the Perfect Eyelashes team assess your face the moment you walk through the doors and ask you about the look you want to achieve. They spotted I wasn’t fully comfortable with embracing the ombre trend wholeheartedly and that’s why they suggested ombre tips at the sides.

I absolutely love the results. In just 90 minutes, I left the salon looking like this:



And the benefits don’t end here. The next day, I looked in the mirror before I had my morning shower and surprised myself by how good I look when I’d just got out of bed. Normally, I have to apply mascara before  I feel pretty but Perfect Eyelashes made me feel glamorous without it. And because I felt glam, I felt more confident.

There are Perfect Eyelashes salons in Holborn, Harley Street and Kensington – click here to check out the Perfect Eyelashes website for prices and booking information.

Alternatively, if you don’t live near London you can still get involved with this celebrity eyelash trend by picking up a pair of Perfect Eyelashes premium strip lashes, a favourite of Lindsay Lohan.


These are premium lashes, made using real hair and crafted to create the perfect flutter. Plus you can re-use them. They’re £19.99 on the Perfect Eyelashes website.


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