Friday Showbiz Round-Up!

Hello VIPs! Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a great week and are planning to make the weekend ever better. Here’s some juicy showbiz gossip to get you started.

The Made in Chelsea cast had a huge image overhaul for the series 7 trailer where they were all depicted as children. Little Spencer and Andy also come to blows over Louise. Too cute!

Made in Chelsea

Her pregnancy shocked most people but all Sam Bailey can think about right now is anything sweet. Her big pregnancy craving is in the form of ice lollies. Oo we would like one too please.

Sam Bailey

Luissa Zissman is taking helicopter lessons to become a pilot. She’s most definitely an independent woman although she did choose to wear skyscraper heels to her lesson. Not the wisest choice.

Luissa zissman

Pamela Anderson has revealed that whilst she doesn’t know if her two sons have seen her sex tape, they most definitely know about it. She also went on to say that she was initially scared to have sex with her pixie haircut, but soon got used to it.

Pamela anderson

Talk about awkward, apparently Kim Kardashian ran into her ex Reggie Bush and his fiancée whilst she dined alone. Wonder if they even said hi to each other?

Kim Kardashian

Scarlett Johansson looked absolutely stunning in a red cocktail dress at the Captain America premier. There was however no sign of her baby bump after she revealed her pregnancy this month.

Scarlett johansson

Who knew that Emma Stone was a secret Spice Girls fan? She broke down in tears when she received a video message from Mel B herself. She then proceeded to rap to ‘Wannabe’. As you do!

Emma stone

There you have it- all the showbiz gossip from this week. Tweet @livelikeavip and let us know your thoughts.

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