Iggy Azalea’s Long Lasting Makeup By Urban Decay

Getting make up to stay put is no mean feat yet it doesn’t seem to be a problem for those annoyingly beautiful celebrity stunners – just look at Iggy Azalea at a Grammys after party with her makeup still intact – but thankfully Urban Decay’s De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray has made long-lasting makeup finally attainable for me (and hopefully for you too!).


Iggy Azalea’s makeup at a Grammys after party


Long-lasting make up has always seemed like a distant dream to me, I’ve tried everything, from primers to powders to a combination of the both but never quite found a solution to conquer this problem.  I suffer from oily skin, not crazily oily, but oily enough to affect the appearance of my foundation after several hours of applying it.  About a year ago, I decided to try out Urban Decay’s Eye shadow Primer Potion to keep my eye shadow and eyeliner in place and it was some kind of heavenly miracle because to my astonishment, it actually worked.  So when I was browsing at Urban Decay’s offerings recently, I came across this magical setting spray that in my opinion, seemed just too good to be true.  However, seeing that it was available in both a full sized bottle (£19.50 for 118ml) and travel sized bottle (£9.00 for 30ml), I thought ‘hey, why not take a risk and give the cheaper travel sized bottle a go and if it works, awesome, and if it doesn’t, well at least it didn’t cost as much as the full sized bottle’.  Internal monologue over, I ordered my setting spray and nervously awaited its arrival.


Emma Watson with her long-lasting makeup at a Golden Globes after party earlier this month


So it arrived and I decided to start off with a gentle test, I’d try the spray out on my normal daytime/work makeup look.  It’s really easy to use, just apply all your makeup as usual and once your done, you just spray it over your face in sort of an ‘X’ shape and then a ‘T’ shape so you’re basically covering all those sneaky, oily disaster zones.  It did freak me out a little at first as it kind of feels like a fine mist of water going on your face but it dries super quickly so my minor freak out dissipated as quickly as that mist of spray.  It does have a slight fragrance which I quite liked but even if you didn’t like its scent it wouldn’t matter as it disappears once it’s dried.

Kelly Osbourne’s makeup isn’t going anywhere!


To my surprise, my makeup lasted all throughout work and by the time I got home, it still looked fresh.  This mind blowing result was a shock as work normally DESTROYS my make up due to the air con having some kind of vendetta against my skin.  So far so good.

Next came the most important test of all, and the most challenging, would the spray work for a night out?  For some reason, I was still massively sceptical but went ahead with my scientific experiment (just FYI, me going out was all in the name of science, I was merely taking one for the team because I’m incredibly selfless like that).  On went the make up (not going to lie, it was a fair bit more makeup than I wear during the day) and out came the spray and off I went ready to conduct my entirely selfless scientific study.


Jennifer Lawrence’s makeup lasted all night at the SAG Awards


Everytime I saw my reflection, I braced myself and had my emergency makeup at the ready to freshen my face up, but weirdly I didn’t actually need it because my makeup was staying put.  By the time I got home and went to take my makeup off, it was still all intact and I was happier than Miley Cyrus gyrating with a foam finger.

This product is amazing, it works which shouldn’t surprise me but it does as half the time I invest in makeup products that don’t work so when they do, I’m normally in a state of shock.  My only regret is that I didn’t buy this beauty product sooner!  What I love as well, is the fact that Urban Decay are not just focussing on oily skin, they’ve also created a range of makeup setting sprays for all different purposes so either way there’s something for everyone.


The miracle product that is Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray


So now when I see all the celebs out there with their perfect unmoveable makeup I don’t have to feel jealous as I know that my makeup isn’t going anywhere (well other than on my face. Obviously).

Got any other tips to make sure your makeup stays on all day (or night) long?  Fan of Urban Decay products? Drop us a comment and let us know!


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