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Good day VIPs! I hope you’ve had a lovely week? If not, do make sure you have a lovely weekend. Think about what makes you happy and find a way to do it – there’s no excuses!

As you can tell, I’m in a pretty positive mood right now, which is largely because the celebrities all seem to be falling in love this week. Well, actually Miranda Kerr is out of love right now, but I’m sure a lot of men will be happy she’s single again.

First couple is Jemima Khan and Russell Brand who went on a date to a documentary (so far, so good). The movie was about drone missiles – not very romantic!



Idris Elba announced he is dating his make-up artist and took her as his date to the Harper’s Woman of The Year awards this week. They make such a sweet couple and he’s been single for ages so it’s nice to see him make a girlfriend announcement.


Now, getting less serious it’s time to talk about the Bieber.He’s still in Brazil but stopped visiting models. He hooked up with the girl below in a club. Shame he didn’t find out whether she was crazy or not before picking her up as it turned out she ended up filming him while he slept. Creepy! Click here to see the video.


Talking of creepy, Max George from The Wanted was caught checking out TV presenter Maria Menonous’s bum on live TV. His ex-girlfriend Michelle Keegan (now engaged to Mark Wright) had a lucky escape, I think. Max’s meant to be seeing a Danish model. Naughty boy!


And, as I said, Miranda Kerr may have split from Orlando Bloom but shes’s looking hot right now. I love this outfit below. There are rumours they split because Orlando got too close to one of his co-stars. Keep looking as sexy as this Miranda, and there’s no doubt he’ll work out what he’s missing!


Now go out and have a fabulous weekend people, and I’ll be back on Monday for some more celebrity gossip.

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