Zoe Finishes The NYC Marathon Quickly

I am proud to say that I am a finisher of the ING New York Marathon- maybe one of the hilliest cities in the world.



I am even happier to report that I did it in 3 hours 36 mins!


I did it with a crew from Barry’s Bootcamp – the celebrity gym that I go to in London and not only did we all finish, we made the most of our time in NYC. I’m going to do a full travel blog post on this as I can recommend several VIP places that are a must for any visitors to NYC. Central Park (where I’m posing with my gang below) is definitely worth a visit:


We checked out brunch places, bars, hotels and some lovely Italian restaurants incuding Bianca, the place where I had AMAZING pasta the day before the marathon.


However, right now I am dying so I will put some ice on my legs, take some painkillers and put hand to keypad to write the travel blog post when I’ve recovered. Owwwwww!

Zoe Griffin

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