Couture Challenge: A Day In Leather And Lace

The whole concept of this blog is to Live Like A VIP – from wearing similar make up to the celebs to copying their fashion. But how far can we take it? Is it really possible to wear a VIP couture outfit in daily life? I attended London Fashion Week and one of the key trends Cara Delevigne and Jourdan Dunn were wearing was Gothic Glam – taking the Witch of The West / Wednesday Addams look and making it sexy!

So on behalf of all of us who’ve always wanted to be more glamorous but been afraid of the reactions, I recently accepted a Couture Challenge. A Gothic Glam outfit would be made to measure for me and if I could wear it for the whole day I would get to keep the dress. It sounded easy. The photos show how I got on throughout the course of the day:

Challenge 1:  Arriving at a business meeting and explaining to the receptionist what I was doing


As a blogger, my job involves a lot of meetings with celebrities, agents, advertising clients and PRs. On arriving at an office to meet some executives for a household brand-name, I had difficulty getting the receptionist to take me seriously.

Challenge 2: Leaving the business meeting and finding office workers staring at me


Despite the awkward start to the meeting, I managed to explain my predicament  to the execs and we soon got down to business as usual. However, it became difficult to leave on a high as I keep getting stared at! After we shook hands and did the deal, I walked outside and caused a drama in their office courtyard. If any execs would have been looking out of the window, they would have been a bit scared about working with someone that kept causing so much fuss.

Challenge 3: Trying to catch a bus to go back to work


Have you ever tried running for a bus in heels? Have you ever tried it in heels and bodycon leather? It’s not going to happen. I missed one bus by seconds and then had to wait a while for the next one. While waiting, a couple literally walked round me staring and then stood talking about me in a foreign language. I started to feel a tiny bit insecure!

Challenge 4: Getting off the bus


I ended up getting off the bus early as I got too much attention. One bonus was that nobody came and sat next to me, but a downside was that sitting down was uncomfortable. Normally I like being the centre of attention but I felt trapped on the bus so I attempted to get off. I almost broke my neck as my skirt caught in my shoe. Death by dress!

Challenge 5: Attempting to get on a Boris Bike to go to my office


As I got off the bus, I needed a way to get back to the office. At first I thought a Boris Bike might be an option…and then I tried to get my leg up. Not gonna happen!

Challenge 6: Going to the corner shop to buy some magazines…to see what they said about fashion.


I had so much staring directed at me that I began to question whether what I was wearing was on-trend. In all the magazines I’d previously read, leather and lace was all the rage. I went to my corner shop to see if there was anything I was missing in the magazines and the man behind the counter was very intrigued. He cheered me up to as he said I look lovely. I love the corner shop!

Challenge 7: Buying lunch…all this stress worked up an appetite


Sometimes I go to a posh restaurant in central London for lunch with a celeb agent – somehwre like The Wolesley or The Delauney – but I couldn’t face the stares so I popped into a small sandwich shop, Abigail’s in Holborn. The funny thing was that this store was  used to ‘stars’ and the man behind the counter  said ‘You are not the only famous one I’ve served’. He pointed behind him and there were pics of him with Bruce Willis and other movie stars. I wonder if he thought I was an actress.

Challenge 8: Eating lunch without spoiling my goth glam lipstick – very hard to do. It’s all about nibbling


Having a lovely hot salami and mozarella panini in my hand, I couldn’t wait to eat it but then I realised I had a lipstick problem. White crumbs on my new MAC cyber-coloured lipstick would not be a good lock. I ended up picking bits off with my hands and putting those bits in my mouth slowly. A big bite would have been impossible. One bonus of the dress then, is that it’s good if you are on a diet. You physically cannot eat!

Challenge 9:  Coffee at the end of the day….before I brave public transport home.


After a tough day and a smaller than expected lunch I need a pick-me up and some ‘me time’ to get over braving the daytime in nighttime catwalk attire. Coffee!! As I sipped some Kenco Millicano and the caffeine surged through my veins I felt pretty euphoric. I had completed the daytime couture challenge and dealt with the stares, the awkwardness of the dress and managed not to injure myself or anyone else.

As I reflected on what had happened, the more I thought catwalk style should stay on the catwalk rather than be worn in real life. And lets face it, you don’t see Jourdan and Cara wearing the looks off-duty, do you? The dress up for the catwalk and actually look quite scruffy in real life. Anyway, I got to keep the dress and although it had been a tough day, the coffee did perk me up. When your coffee’s this good, nothing else has to be! I didn’t even care that the coffee caused my lipstick to come off!


Well actually, I did. I re-applied the lippy again as you can’t pull off the Gothic Glam look bare-faced. It wouldn’t be glam, it would be scary.

Challenge 10: Table tennis and cocktails

As I was in a good mood, I accepted an invitation to meet some friends in Bounce table tennis bar. I wanted to celebrate the fact that I had completed the challenge. At first, the barman was a bit shocked, but I no longer cared.


As I was relaxed – the barman’s Wiff Waff cocktail also helped with that – I was able to play table tennis. Earlier in the day I couldn’t even get off a bus without feeling awkward but I managed to serve and hit forehands and backhands. What had changed?



To be honest, maybe my attitude had changed. If you feel comfortable you can wear anything….but it is TOUGH to get comfy in a bodycon leather dress and vampire make-up, trust me!

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  1. I bet your friends thought you had lost the plot but you certainly rock that leather & lace look anyway! a table tennis bar you say? hmmm better not tell the husband that his 2 favourite things are combined in one!

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