Autumn Lust-Have: Spotty Fiorelli Bag

I’ve just about got past the feeling like I need to buy a new pencil case every time the Back To School season starts but I can never get past the urge to buy a new handbag.

Satchels are so on-trend this season as I’ve seen them being worn by cool fashionistas like Alexa Chung, Mollie King from The Saturdays and Olivia Palermo. BUT it’s not often you see one like this below, which is made by Fiorelli. I actually spotted it at the department store Debenhams for £59.



It would really liven up a black coat and to be perfectly honest, it makes me smile looking at it. If you need to dress conservatively for work or college then this can be your one style statement.

And finally, it is influenced by a VIP in a way…Cruella de Vil from the 101 Dalmatians Film. You wouldn’t want to mess with her!


So what are you waiting for? Check out Debenhams Voucher Codes for special offers or head to your nearest high street department store.

If you like dots, you’ll see that Debenhams has dotted items in every department – dresses, shoes, scarves, umbrellas, tops, watches. I love that because they act as a tool to balance out your body. Our eyes are really drawn to the spots so if you like your top half but aren’t so sure about your bottom (ie you’re  pear shape) then you need a dotted top in your life. One I’m loving at the moment is by Red Hering at Debenhams.


However, if you’re more of an apple shape then having dots on your skirt draws the attention downwards, so people are looking at your legs rather than your stomach. Check out this lovely Alice & You dotty dress


What do you think? Are you going potty for the dotty yet? Tweet me @zoegriffin and let’s chat fashion!

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