VIP Fitness Vid: Bunny Bootcamp

There are a few excuses people make when they don’t want to go to the gym. One is that it is boring. The second is that they want to keep their curves rather than develop muscles. Well then, I’m sorry but I am about to bust those myths because the Playboy Bunny Bootcamp I did recently is both fun and designed to better your bod for all the right reasons.

Playboy has teamed up with London’s cool GymBox gyms to devise the classes and the BMI (Bunny Measurement Index), which is an entirely new measurement; a twist on the traditional BMI (Body Measurement Index). It  mixes the traditional BMI as well as elements of inner beauty and feminity to give an indication of health and wellbeing. Several experts got involved in creating this including psychology professor  Dr Jane Ogden, trainer Hester Campbell and Chef Judy Joo, so you can rest assured this is no gimmick – it will help you become fitter. To try it for yourself, visit Now you can track your progress and find out how close you’re getting to being able to ditch the day job and become a Playboy Bunny. Well, a girl can dream…

I found the workout really good for making my heart-rate rise – it’s an extreme cardio workout! But there are also press-ups and sit ups and squats so you’re building lean muscle at the same time. The goal is to end up looking toned not skinny. If you want more info then check out the Gymbox website or follow @GymBox on Twitter. See you at the Playboy Mansion!

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