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Air kisses darlings! Fashion week may be over but as the weather changes into Autumn, the celebrities are using it as an excuse to show off new fashion styles and hair styles. Most of them are literally showing off as they post the photos to Instagram, presumably so we can all ‘Like’ it and they get to feel better about themselves. They have the same insecurities as the rest of us, trust me!

So without further ado, let’s look at who’s doing what right now, starting with Rita Ora and her bottom



Rita’s become the latest celebrity to get B12 vitamin shots in her bottom. Apparently it’s a great pick-me-up if you have a busy schedule. Rita’s got a fine backside so she must be doing something right.

Also active on Instagram right now is Jennifer Lopez, who showed off a teeny midriff in double denim on her Instagram account. She’s a forty something mother of twins – how on earth does she look like this? I’m going to print the photo and stick it on my fridge in case I ever snack for no reason. This stomach requires effort!


Meanwhile Lily Allen shook up her look with a new hairstyle and it got tons of Likes on Instagram. I’d like to add that I like it too. What do you think?


Meanwhile, over in LA Gwen Stefani was photographed looking stylish as she shopped. Ok, it’s not Instagram based but I love Gwen Stefani and its interesting how she manages to look so hot while pregnant. Click here for even more pics.


And back to Instagram, Paris Hilton showed off a pic of her and Brit fashion presenter Alexa Chung. Paris has a new single out (yes, really) so she did an interview with Alexa. What’s scary about this photo is that we all know Paris is slim but Alexa is even slimmer. Her legs are scary. Liking the Lily Allen style fringe though…



That’s it for now, I’m afraid. You can always check out Instagram for yourself and let me know if you spot more. Have a great weekend!

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