VIP Fitness Video: Watch Us Try Twist & Pout

I recently showed you a Barretoned exercise class, which is based on the principles of ballet and I promised to bring you a new workout video every Friday. So here is the next one and it’s another fun one, based on a dance method. Above, I am introduced to the art of burlesque dancing by Lauren Mack from Twist & Pout

Twist & Pout runs courses across London so although I only went to one class, I would have been better if I’d completed more. At the start of the class I felt a bit awkward but as I let my inhibitions go I relaxed and got my legs higher and my body moving and writhing to the beat. It’s great for the core and also for the thighs and hamstrings as you’re doing it all in high heels.

If you like what you see, visit the Twist & Pout website to see a class near you or to organise one for your next girly get together. Follow them on Twitter @TwistPout

PS I’ll bring you a new Get a VIP Body video every week so come back every Friday…watch and enjoy!

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